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So You Had a Spiritual Download

Or was it?

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When we first begin maneuvering through this spiritual plane, the process can be quite confusing. We do not know what to expect or how to expect its coming. We are unsure of messages, sometimes even wondering if we really got a message or if it was just gas that moved from our belly to our head, and oftentimes there is no one to talk to. The reality is that very few want to even listen and fewer still will understand. It can be a daunting experience for the newbie and given that we were all newbies at one point, it is always good to share our experience — we never know when it may lighten another person’s load or provide clarity to their minds. Let me tell you what happened to me recently:

While meditating a few days ago, I got a download, which is simply the language used to explain certain happenings in the spiritual or metaphysical field. I remember when I first started reading and exploring, everything was like gibberish, and no matter the teacher, there was still something lacking in the transfer of knowledge from their pen or lips to my eyes, ears, and brain; something was missing in the ethers.

I slowly began to realize that if I continue trying to merely understand the language of the communication, I would never get it, it was something that needed to be experienced. Here is where that saying ‘experience is the best teacher’ makes absolute sense.

So my download — it felt like a transfer of an energy wave into my head that settled in my gut. The sensation was to the downward motion of a fast-moving roller coaster with your stomach being left at the top. You know it’s a download when you receive a message afterward, sometimes in the form of a feeling, thoughts, or an idea but you experience a new knowing of something you were unaware of previously. The best downloads are those that bring unexplained happiness and peace that course through you like a rushing stream, leaving a tingle and a shine along the way.

I would like to encourage fellow seekers, those that may have just started their journey not to get frustrated in any initial lack of understanding.

There are many things that we have to learn,
many things we have to unlearn,
many things we will experience,
many things we won’t experience,
many things we will get done,
and many things that will remain undone.
All I say is that you experience your awakening one download at a time and enjoy the process.




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