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Stop Taking This Spirituality Thing So Seriously

You are a human being too

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We take ourselves too seriously at times. We figure that we are spiritual; we are enlightened, or lightened upon; we meditate regularly; we connect to that greater part of us; we are spirits; we are lightworkers and empaths and mediums and whatever — we are boring.

Along the way we forgot about having fun and enjoying this human experience to the fullest — I mean, this is what we came here for, not so? To enjoy the experience of being here? Somewhere along the line, we were led to believe that if we were not stepping as if walking on air, aummming our way through the ethers and loving and lighting everyone that we are not being our true spiritual selves.

I look at some so-called gurus busy guru-ing and I shake my head in dismay — the non-humanness cloaks them like a second skin; they want to appear kind and loving, all knowing and understanding, mystical and mysterious and the end result is one that appears fake, fake fake. It makes you wonder how they even have followers. They lost their humanity in their so-called spirituality.

This was not intended to be a piece about fakery or the other word, but sometimes when we sit behind our keyboard — in the zone, things that need to be said come out and we just let the message flow through us and offending thought not disrespecting people, be damned.

My story today is about something that happened to be while meditating a few evenings ago.

They lost their humanity in their so-called spirituality

There are some persons, who during meditation feel sensations on their skin, their face, crown of their head, like water running down their face, something crawling on their body — all sort of things happen when we begin to connect. Most believe that is caused by the movement of energy throughout the body and the connectedness of the process allows for our noticing.

This happens to me often enough that I just observe and let it go — having past the stage of it distracting me. So this time, I felt the sensations. They began in my crown and then to my third eye area; here was me, connected and thoroughly enjoying it. The sensation moved down to my body and settled in my lower spine.

Then appeared another sensation, a movement up my leg, similar to what was felt before but a little different. I chose to not let it distract me until it was felt it again; not the same. Alertness grabbed me. What was that? Was I being consumed by Source; being filled to overflowing by the Holy Ghost as is termed in Christiandom? There it was again, up my shin towards my knee — the same knee that I had injured. Maybe I was experiencing some healing — I am a proponent of the belief that the body can heal itself, having had personal experience of this. Deep meditation allows for a connectedness to the One Consciousness that healing and other strange (to you, but not to me) things happen — miracles they sometimes referred to them as.

Again. The feeling. This time I jumped up and brushed my leg. We were having some rains and it was the time when centipedes decide to go looking for dry places, I did not want to get stung.

Deep meditation allows for a connectedness to the One Consciousness

Quickly turning on the light, I looked in the direction of where I had brushed off whatever was crawling on me.

On the floor, looking and me and perhaps wondering what just happened, was a little lizard, we call them woodslaves — they are mostly found inside houses; not seeming to like being outdoors. The little thing was about 5 cm from head to tail. It looked at me and I gave it one-side-eye, crossed-stare, daggers-of-fire look. Lizards are not my friend. And I thought that we had a long agreed upon understanding to give each other a wide berth. Perhaps this newly hatched one was not aware of the deal. It scurried under the bed and I began to laugh.

Oh, how great a meditator and spiritual one was I! What I thought was Source energy moving to and through me was a lizard crawling on my leg.

Let’s not take this thing so seriously

But then, on another note, perhaps the lizard came with healing energy since my knee has been feeling better since then.

I. Trudie Palmer
One Love

Author’s note:-

Laugh at yourself and with yourself more often. Read some of my friend Shadowgnosis’s stories and get the ball rolling or tears flowing.

Thanks for Kimberly Fosu for indulging my stories in Mystic Minds.



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