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Tap Into the Subconscious Mind for Healing

You have all that you need, really….you do!

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The subconscious mind is our powerhouse. It possesses the ability to heal. You can access your own healing power this way as long as you are willing to put aside what you know and sometimes believe and look to other realms of possibilities. Mind you, I am not saying that we should forsake our medical practitioners, throw away our prescription meds and stop taking our annual medical exams, all I saying is that we have the ability to add to our healing capabilities by engaging the mind.

The process is quite simple and better done daily since it is easier to heal at the energy level than after whatever is challenging us has moved into its physical manifestation. Self-healing involves sitting or lying down and becoming quiet. And I know the choruses of “I cannot meditate” will being to ring out but all I am saying is that we get into a comfortable position, whatever that may be, and just be quiet.

We sit and watch the thoughts that rattle around our heads but do not engage with them — it is like looking at a movie that is of no real interest. Let them run free and like a small child, they will soon get tired and settle down. Next, we bring awareness to our physical body, taking our time to tap into each part of us, listening, feeling, understanding what is needed to be done to feel whole.

Starting from the bottom, we move from our toes up to our heads and feel the outside and the inside, meaning we concentrate on our legs, hips, arms, shoulders, etcetera and then we go inside to our colon, intestines, liver, kidneys, lungs, heart, and so on, all the while moving slowing, feeling and actively listening.

The thing that will surprise you is that the body will begin to tell you what it needs. When you concentrate on an area of the body that may be sore or may be acting out of sorts for whatever reason, that part feels the focus and the shift of energy towards it and it will speak to you. Your kidneys may say I am being starved of water, your lungs may request fresher air or the heart — for a bit more exercise; the stomach may lovingly inform you of its preference for more natural foods.

Once we continue this practice, we will begin to feel the urge to do things that the body desires. There is no push, it is like a gradual awakening to this amazing temple that houses the god within us.

Mindfulness meditation, as this is popularly called, is an easy way of getting in tune, allowing our energy levels to rise so we can then tap into our subconscious for that healing power.

Over time, we develop this new intimate relationship with our bodies, understanding that it is here to serve the purpose of the soul and so we naturally fall into the habit of taking better care of it.



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