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The Energy of the Monarch

In its full glory

The Monarch and The Eyebright. Image © Ilis Trudie Palmer

I went to my garden to catch a vibe. Catch a vibe means to relax, chillout, connect, or any other set of words that suggests taking it easy.

It was already midmorning and all the day creatures were scurrying about; bird were flitting from branch to branch; ants busy making trails from food to nest, and termites were gorging themselves fat on my avocado branches. Avocados attract termites so you never want to plant an avocado tree too near any wooden structure, like your house roof. The termites will not say, let’s leave the roof and eat the tree, if its is wood, whether green or dried, they will eat it.

I watched them. I watched the lizards also. Lizards remind me of dinosaurs. I stay away from lizards.

I was waiting for my friends, two friendly Monarch butterflies; We have been flirting with each other for a few days now. They come and dance around me, teasing me to following them, and I would smile and say hello. I was not going to follow them.

A few moments later they came, two beautiful butterflies. They must have seen me because they flew passed, then turned, to make sure that I see them.

I took up my phone, a simple smartphone, not a late model with a camera that could take clear images of the craters on the moon, but a simple older model. The plan was to get a few images for my Twitter page, I wondered if they would let me.

Standing quietly, I watched them do their we-know-you-are-looking-at-us number, fluttering, dancing, swooping up and sailing on light eddies, the whole show. And then they came toward me, turned and settled on an eyebright shrub.

It was a large plant; I had been keeping it alive during the hotter months of the year. At one point, it was covered in some white, soft fleshed, sucking insects, and I thought that would have been the end, but after the passage of the recent tropical storm, the insects disappeared and the plant began flowering.

I drink eyebright leaves as a tea; it works wonders for tired eyes. My mother makes an eyedrop by steeping the leaves and storing the liquid in the fridge. She would then wash her eyes with it every few days. I enjoy the tea better.

Eyebright is believed to have magical properties. It is said to be associated with the Tower card in the tarot and mystics believe that applying drops of eyebright tea to the eyelids, the person may have prophetic dreams, and in some case may be able to see the unseen. It has always been associated with seeing things more clearly, it removed deception, and any haziness of one’s third eye vision.

So, imagine a butterfly, as equally mystical as the eyebright plant, resting lightly on the green stem waiting for me to approach it.

I neared the plant and the butterflies did not move; I crept closer; they did not move. I took several close images and they did not move. It was as if they were on show for me, they opened their wings to the widest and remained still; I snapped away; my hands making my phone sweaty. I felt so connected, so tapped in.

Then the strangest thing happened. One up and flew away, and the other flew towards me, as if to say, “you want to see me better, Ilis?

I actually was able to catch it on video. I gasped. It fluttered. I said thank you.

As much as I would like to believe there was some deep meaning in seeing two monarchs on an eyebright shrub, I knew they did it for the pleasure it brought me; it was an awesome co-creative experience between nature’s most energy sensitive creatures, representing transformation and evolution, enlightenment and completion, a beautiful blossoming eyebright plant, and me.

Ilis Trudie Palmer 2022
One Love
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I am author to two books of tiny stories, Chronicles of an Awakening Soul (2021) and Let the Sun Shine on My Face (2022); both are available here.

I will post the video on my twitter page next week. It was amazing. Follow me on twitter, if you have not already.



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