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The Seven Chakras

The Secret to Healing Yourself Lies in Your Spine

The energy that moves through you

Negative beliefs that lurk in the subconscious mind can block your energy flow. (Image Created By Author. Credit: Peter Lomas)

Your Outer World Mirrors Your Inner World

Every great personal-development teaching has said that our external world is a direct reflection of our inner world, which means if we’re having unpleasant experiences…




Slightly Conscious Souls

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Purplish night sky with stars.

Bhagavad Gita: Understanding One Shloka at a time. (Chp. 3, Verse 39) — HBR Patel

Bhagavad-Gita-Chp-3-Verse-39 — Cover-HBR-Patel

What are the Seraphim, and was the devil one of them?

The mosaics on the interior of the dome of the Baptistry of San Giovanni

Greatly Perplexed

Trust The Lord

The World Situation is for the Ultimate Move of God and for His Ultimate Recovery via

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Kimberly Fosu

Kimberly Fosu

Ghanaian-American | I help lightworkers begin their life’s mission and guide those waking up to remember who they are. Shhh…✨

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