To Get Unstuck, You Must Go Through the Dark Night of The Soul

Uncommon ways to access the transformative power of positive disintegration

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“How would you feel if you were in this exact situation in six years?” I asked.

My friend Brooke responded without a second of hesitation, “Oh God, I would kill myself.”

And she meant it.

Brooke had been in an abusive marriage for over 28 years. She recalls how she almost walked away the night before the wedding. But everyone had traveled from all over the world to be there. She didn’t want to let people down. So, she walked down the aisle.

Over the years, she had threatened to leave her husband multiple times. She would get in the car and start driving. But she was unable to leave the three beautiful sons they had together. So, a few hours later, she would always turn back around. She always had an excuse, there was always a “later.”

But she knew the real reason she couldn’t walk away. It wasn’t the children, financial security, or even what people thought.

“I don’t think I’m strong enough to go through what it takes to leave him,” she says quietly.

“It’s true that it will suck. Your children may not understand. Your mutual friends may choose his side. You may lose your house and your savings in the divorce. In fact, there is almost no guarantee of anything. But if you stay, there is a guarantee that the next six years will be just as bad as the last six,” I said.

A heavy silence descended as she realized what she had to do. Irrespective of how much she didn’t want to. She knew that she would have to go through it. Delaying it would only mean she had more years of suffering before ultimately having to take the step anyway.

Will you choose the possibility of a limitless life or the guarantee of a limited one?

And what about you, dear reader?

How would you feel if you continued down the path you’re on for the next six years?

Perhaps your rut isn’t as intense as Brooke’s. Maybe you just feel like you lack purpose, are stagnated in your…



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