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Trust Your Intuition

It never leads you wrong

the image is that of a beautiful Caribbean sunset;
Suntuition. Image captured by author, Ilis Trudie Palmer

Miss Gen Z, you’ve met her many times in the past; I write about our intergenerational discussions and strong debates on everything and anything.

She reminds me of me — highly opinionated, and you have to convince her of a point, she is not going to give in and accept it just because I am the mother and she is the daughter. Sometimes for peace’s sake, I end conversations by stating, “one day you will get it.

That always seem to rile her up more, “you always say that, get what?

Me: “It.

Well she started summer school and is doing a course that I found interesting by the title. The course is named Logic of Social Inquiry. The lecturer was speaking about facts, traditions, and myths; what is real and what is not and how can we use the mind to make sense of what sometimes makes no sense.

I understood what she was trying to explain. There were other students with strong opinions, and they kept asking questions that the lecturer had no real answer for.

Then she mentioned the word, “intuition” and Ms. Gen Z commented, “your word, Mother. You always talk about trusting your intuition.”

Ï smiled and said yes.

I remember being 21 and thinking that I knew more than I knew; and having a logical mind, things had to make sense scientifically. I was taught to tune out my intuition and deal with the facts, with reality, with what is in front of me.

I think I wasted a lot of time

Now many years later, I wanted to tell my child, forget all that. Do not bother with all that talk, talk, for that is all it is. If someone is not tapped in, they cannot teach it. It will just be a lot of words and books, adding to the pile of words and books.

Experience and intuition are the two keys to understanding.

But how can I tell her to forget what she is hearing and rely solely on how she feels?

I can talk until forever, but unless she has personal experience of this part of her working for her, and she develops the ability to trust and believe in it, then my talking would be worth squat.

Sometimes we want to spare our children from taking paths that we know will end in disaster. But how do they learn?

How do they being to trust that intuitive part of them?

We can teach them to tap in, but we cannot teach them to believe.

I hope you enjoy the course; take everything that is taught with a grain of salt, ask your own questions and come to your own decisions. Do not let me or anyone else tell you how to think.

Shhh, I am listening to the lecturer, be quiet.

I left the room. I had to feed my dogs; they were already beginning to let me know that it was past their dinner time.

Outside, “I am here, what’s up? I have your food.

I poured a share in each of the five bowls and looked at them look at the food, then at me. They wanted something that tasted better.

Don’t you have any chicken inside, Ilis?

Your intuition is telling you that chicken inside?” I asked.

No, our noses.

Ilis Trudie Palmer
One Love
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My first book of poems, a 54-page PDF titled Poetry for Misinterpretation is now available.



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