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When Spirits Like to Play

Life and death and that part in between

the image is that of three human forms, two males and one female outline behind a stage curtain. They are posing differently. One man with a fiddle or violin on his shoulder; the female standing with one hand raised and head turned towards it and the final male figure of a man with one foot crossed behind the other, head bowed and the side and arms away from the body.
Photo by Kyle Head on Unsplash

Spirits like fun and they do like to play. Some of us have spirit guides that we swear are nothing but jokers and pranksters, they lighten and enliven our lives.

I have written many stories about my interactions with my guides and the spirits of persons who have crossed over, planning to, or in the process of. They come in different stages of their process, whenever they feel like, but especially during the dead of night. I have often wondered why.

It could be that we are most receptive then — lying in our beds at 2:55am having just returned from a bathroom trip and hoping that sleep will come back soon. We are well relaxed, vibrating high and easy to reach.

A few months ago, I wrote a story about a former co-worker of mine who came visiting me in the dreamscape. (If at the end of this piece, you find the link to that story, it means that I really went digging into my medium profile for it.)

He was sick at the time and came to visit me with his best physical self on display. He was young and handsome and gave off this radiance that made him appear all glow-y. I knew my seeing him like that meant it was only a matter of time before he walked away from this physical plane.

Well he walked a few nights ago, quietly, as Christians like to say, into the arms of Jesus. But it was not before he came paying me another visit.

This time I was awake, doing that thing that I spoke about earlier — waiting for sleep to return. On occasions like these, I turn to meditation. I find it to be an easy passage into vivid dreaming, another story for another post, perhaps.

I use the sound of rain falling gently to help me with the process. You I am sure, use something else or nothing at all. Do you.

Soon after I felt this energy, this presence in my bedroom

It was a divine feminine goddess energy. I saw a form of a beautiful woman dressed in period clothing. She did not say anything and even though I asked “what’s up?” she did not respond but slowly faded away.

The energy stayed with me all into the next day. I knew it was someone going somewhere and though I did not know who, I knew where.

So when a few days later I heard that my colleague had died, I felt a whoosh and an oh. It was him. In his divine feminine form, telling me s’long.

Why didn’t he come as I knew him? I have no clue. Maybe he was feeling for a spot of play. He was already so enjoying being where he was now that he came sharing it with me, knowing that I would get the joke.

When it had finally dawned on me that the energy represented him, I simply smiled and said into the wind, “it was nice knowing you, see you on the other side.




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