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You Get What You Attract, Every Time

It’s universal law

the image is that of a huge magnet in the form of a U. It is resting on a grass verge and painted one side blue and the next orange
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This story is going to upset some persons.

There I said it. The very first line, so if you do not want to be upset today, do not read anymore or conversely, since my topic is that we get what we attract, then your clicking on this piece might be just what you needed to read. Take it as you like it.

I honestly did not want to write on something as controversial as this. Initially, when I got the message that this was to be the topic, I resisted. So, you all want to get me some hate messages; you want to throw me into the deep end without a paddle; you know how sensitive I am; please let us write about love and joy and light.

My guides laughed, We got this, they chorused.

I was not convinced. So I continued to resist the message. I went to my garden to pick some leaves for my herbal brew, all the while trying to see if the thought would go away but an energy pushed me back through the gate and back to my laptop. I pushed back until I finally gave in and now I am sitting here with nervous fingers, tripping over the letters on the keyboard.

We get what we attract

It is simple, there is no sugar-coating it. Whether it is something good like a smile and nod from our neighbor or messages from trolls and bullies. There I said it — now the energy has gotten less heavy.

It is a simple yet very powerful law of the universe — the law of attraction which says that which is likened unto itself is drawn towards it; or as a man thinketh so is he. And there are many versions of the same thing. Simply stated, whatever we find in our physical sphere, we are the ones who attracted it to us.

I am not immune to that law and many times when I have had certain experiences that were quite unpleasant I used to look for the quickest person or situation to blame it on. It was because I was born poor; it was because people do not like me; it was because I was black; it was because my job does not pay me enough; it was because they did not like the topic I was writing on; it was because they are all haters; it was because, because, because and I was quite creative in coming up with the reasons as to why whatever happened to me happened. And the opposite was also true. When something good happened I had my list of becauses and I never attributed anything to myself. I never gave myself the credit for being the full beneficiary of the law of attraction.

It is easy for all of us to blame something or someone else for what happens. But we need to look at ourselves and ask, how was I vibrating when xyz happened? What were my thoughts? How did I attract this to me? And oftentimes when we do engage in honest exploration, we find the answer and it always comes back to no one else but ourselves.

So if you have read this story in its entirety with a frown on your face, I invite you to make it a thoughtful one, and the next time you attract something good or bad, ask yourself…, tell yourself. I attracted this.

I. Trudie Palmer
One Love — Always!




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