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You Have To Do the Energy Work

There is no getting around it

Watching My Ships Come In. Image captured by author, Ilis Trudie Palmer

My daily schedule has never been so full and I have ever been so relaxed; even though I get my daily reminders that this physical body was only here for a short trip, the overall feeling is one of contentment, satisfaction, a right-now-ness that is alright; and how did I manage this, you asked and for once I will give a straight answer — I have been doing the energy work.

Energy work? What is that? Eating healthful? You know, food, conversion to energy, body, energy?

And I would answer, yes, that I part of it. Eating right is part of the energy work but that was not what I was referring to……

Falling in love with someone? You, cutting me off.

What are you talking about? Me, staring at you.

Okay, let’s hear what you have to say, as if you ever say anything.” You, eyes rolling.

The energy work I am referring to is the process of raising my vibration, that is all the work. This translates into a knowing and understanding of the matrix that makes performing optimally in it, a piece of cheese cake.

Cheese-cake is not good for you. You, knowing.

Everything is good for me; the good, the bad and the shades in between; the good makes me desire more, and call it from the Universe and the bad makes me know that I do not want any more, and call something that I want from the Universe. Once that is accomplished, the humanning becomes a piece of…..

Not another piece of cake! You, interrupting and guilt-tripping.

A piece of guava pie. Me, smiling.

So how do I raise my vibrations? And what is vibrations any way?, you asking.

Your vibrations are your feeling, your emotions, your perception of your now. So the higher you can raise these emotions from negative to positive, the more you become in tuned with the answers to questions you need; the better it is for you to flow; challenges are addressed easier; sometimes many that would have come when you were not up there, do not bother approaching you; Life becomes richer and fuller and faster and slower at the same time.

So how do I raise my vibrations? You see, you are doing what you do, talking, talking and no answers. You exasperating.

You raise them by caring about how you feel and wanting to feel good for as much of the time as possible. I meditate as well, I daydream a lot, I think the most of my time is spent day dreaming.

Okay, Ilis. Best story ever! Thank you. You sarcasming.

You know, I have to ask my “ in all seriousness question…

In all seriousness, do you think it is important to do this energy work? Does it even make sense; just don’t worry, be happying your way through life?

My response is yes it is, and yes it does.

I am a living testimony, and this knowing is shared with authority, remember that story?

I did not understand it at first when I first heard about it. The only thing I got was that I had to be happy as often as I could and everything will be okay.

So of course I started forcing it, I was in a hurry. That did not work, it has to be coaxed; like start admiring and appreciating the little things — the small gestures of kindness; the inherent goodness in man; then more things to feel happy about will appear, like a magnet.

And before you know it, your energy work would have been accomplished and you will be basking in the sun on a full schedule.



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