Cancer Horoscope — July, 2017

Strong Energies Abound

The active summer keeps going with many events happening in July. The quiet May that led to an active June keeps gaining momentum. Prepare for a very busy month ahead.

Venus enters Gemini on July 4th, and that will stay there through all of July. This could be a very special time for you, as you find that you are much more in tune with your deeper yearnings and thoughts. Dreams should be more lucid, and you will find yourself contemplating deeper issues rather than getting distracted by the everyday tasks of life. You could have several private and secret activities going on during this time, one of which might even be a secret, romantic relationship.

Mercury enters Leo on the 5th and that will continue on until the 25th. This is going to directly deal with your finances. Saturn and Uranus will add a little chaos to the mix, but overall you will be heavily focused on how money affects your life. Are there some possibilities to earn more but have a high risk? Is it time to indulge in a new purchase or taking a trip? Whatever it may be, money will be at the front of your mind for several weeks in July.

On July 8th there will be a full moon in Capricorn that also deals with Pluto. A major focus will be on your relationships at work and in your personal life, with perhaps some conflict of who is truly in control. Also, some arrangements that you have been working in dealing with a partnership… again, personal or professional, might finally get completed.

Leaving your sign on the 20th is Mars, which enters Leo and your finances, where it will be until September 5th. A lot of energy will be pulling at you to achieve a certain financial goal and stability. You will find the energy and the capabilities to make it happen, and with a new moon on the 23rd in Leo you will even have an entirely new financial opportunity presented to you.

Mercury moves into Virgo on the 25th, and your communication skills are greatly affected in a very positive way. You will find that your thoughts are clear and eloquent, and that people will be very taken with your written and spoken words.

Take advantage of this transit and understand that it is not a time for quiet contemplation but for diving into projects involving expressing yourself. It also means that it is a great time to network and catch up with old friends and family members that have been out of the loop for some time.

Venus enters your sign at the very end of the month, and this will be lasting for about a month. Whatever goes on with your love life in July, be prepared for a very active romantic life in the coming month. It’s time to soften your critical stance. Take things as they come. Open your heart. Take part in celebrations. Offer a helping hand, but leave time for yourself.

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