Gemini Horoscope — July, 2017

In Cupid’s Crosshairs

A calm May led to a frenetic June for Geminis, and July is going to be even more active. This month could be a strong time for your romantic life, and many astrological events will keep you on your toes.

Venus transits Gemini between July 4th and the 31st, with a Venus transit as well! Be prepared for a major boost in you self-confidence and your overall mood. It is a time for romance and getting out there. If you already have a special someone in your life, they will notice a “new you.” Not that there was anything wrong with the previous version of yourself, but everything good will be enhanced. This is not to be confused with a sort of mid-life crisis that many people have- this is not a reaction, but rather an action to improve in how you project yourself to the world.

Not only will this Venus transit affect your romantic side, but also your creative side. The two are always intertwined. If you have been considering a creative endeavor, this is perhaps the best time of the year for it.

On July 5th, Mercury enters Leo, and your communication abilities are running at an all time high. You will be clear and decisive in your remarks, and people will be drawn to your message. Between the 5th and the 25th is perhaps your most eloquent and logical time for communicating the thoughts that you want to convey. Take advantage of this time of clarity and start writing or delve into any sort of communication project that you might have been putting off.

On July 8th there is a full moon that joins Pluto in Capricorn. This is all about finance, assets, and the like and how you share these with others. The light will be shining brightly on these things, so if there are some lingering issues with how your resources are shared, now is the time to solve them.

Mars joins Mercury in Leo on the 20th, lasting until the 25th. On the 25th, Mercury then enters Virgo. For that short period of time, it is the apex of your communication skills, but in this case, it deals primarily with the people closest to you.

A new moon on July 23rd in Leo and again this is dealing with communication. It is a time for new opportunities. This is a day that you need to pull the trigger on those ideas that have been bubbling toward the surface. Mercury and Mars will be a major boost to any new opportunities you have with communication, turbo charging them.

Mercury transits Virgo between July 25th and September 29th, and your home life becomes the center of your life. You will find a new joy in entertaining, or even just starting new home projects. From July 31st until August 26th, Venus transits Cancer. This is going to deal heavily with money and finances. There will be a lot of energies surrounding money, whether it is the potential to earn more of it, or the spending of it. Whatever it is, do so after al of careful thought on what is best for you.

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