Crystal healing is considered a form of alternative healthcare. Healing your body and mind are about balance and many find it important to take the time to learn more about crystals and incorporate crystals into their life to make this possible.

Healing your body with crystals can be done in many ways. You can benefit from the healing properties of crystals just by carrying them in your pocket or holding them when you feel ill. Sometimes a Reikki crystal healing can balance your entire body. This involves placing specific crystals on the chakras of the body to draw out unwanted energy and infuse the body with healing universal and Earth energy. There are also massage therapists and spiritual counselors that work with crystals for inner peace.


Crystals work on many levels and their effects can be experienced differently by different people. They help with our issues through their color, their crystalline structure and their chemical composition. They can direct energies and enhance the energy of other crystals. A must have crystal is the Clear Quartz. The Quartz amplifies any vibration frequency. The Rose Quartz crystal has energy that is calming, gentle and compassionate. It is the stone of love. The Amethyst is a good crystal for protection against all sorts of psychic negative energy. Those seem to be three of the most requested crystals.

There are thousands of varieties of crystals, all with different properties and assigned meanings. They are inexpensive and beautiful, and many wear them as jewelry. Over time, you may acquire a number of crystals, and you may find how well they quiet your mind. The more contact you have with different crystals, the more aware you will be of their energy.

It is important to follow your doctor’s or healthcare practitioner’s advice. You can also explore and learn about alternative types of medicine, including crystal healing, and add them to your life.

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