Leo Horoscope — March, 2017

Work & Money!

On March 4th, Venus turns retrograde in Aries until April 15th, and this is a time of potential issues with your romantic partner. But how this turns out is entirely up to you. Yes, there is a heightened potential for conflict that can erupt out of the smallest of things, but how you deal with them is up to you.

You have not given enough attention to the relationship area of your life. Are you ready to make some sacrifices for your relationship to keep going? Be more aware of how little things can escalate into big things, and just take a step back and don’t let them. It is a sketchy time, but when you get through it, you will be stronger for the experience.

You will be almost robotic in your perfection in how you handle all aspects of your career.

This can also deal with your finances, so don’t let it be a time where you make splashy purchases or take financial risks. Try to understand the difference between your wants and your needs. It’s time to pay more on back debts and get them handled. Be responsible now with your money and watch it grow.

Some expenses can be postopned for a later date for better financial stability in months to come. Allow this to be a quiet time of little spending and carefulness with your money.

Mars transits Taurus in your work related life between March 9th and April 21st. You will be almost robotic in your perfection in how you handle all aspects of your career. You will be thoughtful, plan things well, and execute with care and consideration. This is a time to be incredibly productive without having to take any new risks.

On March 12th there is a full moon in Virgo, and this could be a moment to take a full and broad look at your money and career. It is like hitting the Refresh button on your browser and seeing things in a whole new way.

Start now to focus on your ideals and career targets. Take care to evaluate how you are earning money and how you are saving, and it could end up being a reboot that takes you into an entirely new positive direction. Obstacles will come your way and you need to learn to overcome these hurdles. Make sure you are doing your best, and you will succeed.

Mercury transits Aries from March 13–31st, and this could mean a new adventure or new endeavor is scoming your way. Been putting off a trip or starting a new area of study? This is the time to take that first step. You are ready to make important decisions in life related to much-anticipated personal activities.

The new moon is in Aries on the the 27th, and this is the moment for a powerful new beginning. It won’t be subtle. This could be an entirely new career, a major move, or trip, or a complete change in your life. Don’t miss this opportunity to take the next turn in the road on your way to happiness.

Pay attention to signals from your body. Do not indulge in food for pleasure. Hasn’t there been headaches and other joint pains lately? Remember to eat a balanced diet, and drink plenty of water. Get out in nature, take a walk, smell the roses, and you will feel so much better.

Mercury enters Taurus on the 31st, and for a week you will be able to make great strides with this new turn in the road. Mercury will soon turn retrograde, so take this window of opportunity to move things ahead before changes occur. You are on the road to success, don’t look back.