Libra Horoscope — March, 2017

Ups and Downs, But Opportunities For New Adventures!

From March 4th until April 15th, Venus turns retrograde in Aries, as Venus turns direct into Pisces. This is the time for you to make sure to listen to your better angels. It will be a time of hyper-sensitivity, where little things that should be blown off can turn into dramatic battles. This impacts both your romantic side, with creative endeavors, and has an added influence on business relationships.

You counter this with preparation. Have some coping mechanisms built in. Take a step back and consider before you speak, “Is this something that is worth arguing about?” Learn to laugh at your over dramatic side. It will be a bumpy ride, but if you don’t let any little disagreements get out of control, you will come out of it a better person.

A lot of energy and passion will be taking over your days, and you will have an exuberance that people around you will notice and appreciate.

Mars transits Taurus from March 9th to April 21st, and will deal directly with collective activities: financial agreements that you are a part of with others, business projects that involve group efforts, etc. You will be a positive force during this time, being a great resource to others around you.

Don’t make the mistake of postponing finishing a project involved with your career. You should try to complete your project by the stipulated time through devoting more time and energy to the task. Don’t let lack of interest ruin your performance.

You should also be more aware of some of your more “base” passions. Let them flow. Don’t be afraid to dive into new adventures with someone close to you. A lot of energy and passion will be taking over your days, and you will have an exuberance that people around you will notice and appreciate. The real you will shine for all to see.

On March 12th, the full moon in Virgo will put a heavy, strong focus on something you have buried deep in your consciousness. Do not keep your inner desires to yourself, feel free to share it with someone close to you. It is important to try some meditation and have a lot of quiet time on this day and try to unearth an important memory that is trying to get out.

Mercury joins retrograde Venus in Aries on the 13th, and will be there through the 31st. This is going to manifest with partnerships in your life. The timid side of you will peal away and a new adventurous side will take over. Don’t hold it back, embrace the new found sense of exploration.

The new moon in Aries is on the 27th, and this is the day of culmination of new ideas that have been festering in your brain! It is a day of awakening. It might mean a new career path, or maybe the start of a new endeavor or adventure. Team work might work well for you, rather than you doing it all alone.

The 31st is an important day as Mercury enters Taurus, and this is a time where you find yourself extremely pragmatic, clear, and focused. This is not a day where the daydreamer side of you will be front and center, but picture a little man on your shoulder that is speaking to you purely about being very practical and efficient. Things built on weak foundations may crack under the pressure. Those that are strong will endure and strengthen. Stick to your ideals and focus on commitment rather than cravings.

Plan your days with ample time for exercising and relaxing. Your current way of life and habits is exhausting you. If you want to continue on a positive path, you can’t ignore health issues. Take more long walks and you will start feeling much better.

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