Virgo Horoscope — March, 2017

A Productivity Machine!

From March 4th to April 15th, a Venus retrograde in Aries will cause some bumps in the road in your romantic life. This could also have influence over your financial life. During this time be vigilant with your interactions with your romantic partner. Don’t squabble over small issues. It will be easy for small disagreements to turn into major fights, but you are in control. Be wary.

Have some skills lined up, such as taking a step back and breath before you speak in anger. It will be a trying time, but one that will eventually make you wiser. You will learn to understand the difference of opinions, and how to handle them, that usually arise now and then in your relationships.

You are open to new ideas and are a sponge for knowledge. It is a time of renewal and you will have a bounce in your steps for weeks.

As per finances, this is not the time to take risks. Just hold off until you feel more confident and balanced in your decision making. Your savings may dwindle to a bare minimum, but you are just taking care of business. Try to pay off your debts and loans as much as possible. Better times are forecast for the coming months.

Mars moves through Taurus between March 9th and April 21st, and this is a time of invigoration. You will feel energized and full of life. You are open to new ideas and are a sponge for knowledge. It is a time of renewal and you will have a bounce in your steps for weeks. Use it to build up the people around you and will be rewarded with a sense of goodwill and achievement.

The full moon has a great angle with Pluto on the 12th, which means you will be knocking things off of your to-do list. That stress that occurs from having so many things unfinished will melt away as you complete one task after another.

Mercury is retrograde with Venus in Aries between the 13th and 31st, and you will have amazing focus for new ideas. Keep a notepad handy as your brain will be a flutter with innovations. You are going to get an opportunity to learn more and improve your knowledge related to a project that is important to you.

There are going to be majoy changes in your career. You are starting to focus too much of your energy on doing your best. Don’t let your drive turn into an obsesssion, though, as the Aries influence can do, but stay on course and you will come up with some inspirations that will set the tone for the rest of the year.

A new moon in Aries on the 27th means financial benefits for you. This may not be due to any action that you started, but just good luck for you or people around you. Don’t feel guilty, there is enough bad luck that occurs for everyone, so take advantage of the good fortune and turn it into something positive.

You are blessed with high energy levels when it comes to projects you are interested in. Make sure you are getting plenty of rest. Have gratitude for all your blessings. Do not overindulge in work and burn your inner energy. If things get too busy, take a weekend off and do only for you. Artistic pursuits may give you the much needed sense of satisfaction and inner strength that you are seeking.

On March 31, Mercury joins Mars in Taurus and until June 6th. You will feel very in tune with your practical and logical side. This is a wonderful time to get everything in order, which will enable you to be focused and proactive in all of the many things in life regarding work and family.

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