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3 Keys to Designing Illustrations

A functional element of the UI

When asked if I wanted to do some illustrations to promote an app, all excited, I said yes straight away! However, before my pen touched paper to do some concept sketching, I needed to ask:

  • What can I do with the app?
    Check sports betting records of others and buy/sell betting advice.
  • Who’s the audience and what’s their emotional driver?
    Men interested in sports who imagine themselves winning by making smarter betting picks — and with it comes the image of a fun evening in good company and the sense of anticipation that creates a natural high.(Careful with that!)

From here, I knew exactly how to create a powerful emotional connection with the audience. Picture a winning atmosphere. The rest of the time I spent on adjusting the colours and shapes, which is another interesting topic, but let’s not get into that!

For the “Customer Support” illustration, I put a definite cross on drawing a smiling assistant in a call centre scenario, that’s soo standard. There is a kind of support in sports that is far more relatable to the audience: cheerleading. Positive energy! And the same sports-related metaphor works for the “FAQ” illustration: a coach showing the ropes to the players.

Customer Support and FAQ concepts relatable to sports

Showing too much information at one time is not an option, it makes people run away. So on the app promotion website, I’ve simplified the mobile screenshots to make the key features more scannable. That’s it.

Simplified version of a mobile screenshot
  1. Know the emotional driver of the audience
  2. Use concepts that are more relatable to the audience
  3. Make things easy to scan and understand

Zofia Mrugacz is a designer, transitioned from (real) architecture into UX/UI.
For more information visit my profile on Linkedin

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