How to download protected RTMP videos

What are RTMP videos and why they are download protected

  1. RTMP is Real Time Messaging Protocol which used to stream audio, video between the server and the player on client.
  2. It has several variations like: RTMPS, RTMPE, RTMPT.
  3. Compared with traditional protocols, it can encrypt video resources.
  4. For this reason, RTMP videos are hard to download off.
  5. We are not going into much details and lets focus on how to download these types of videos.

How to download these protected RTMP videos

  1. Download the from here
  2. Extract the files using any zip extractor
  3. In the extracted folder (named RTMPDump), you will see RTMPDumpHelper.exe file, double click it to run the program. Following figure shows the folder structure and the executable file to run.
  1. You will see the following prompt saying streaming on RTMP:// along with other window (named RTMPDumpHelper) which means you are now ready to capture the download
  1. If any pop comes for permission to access network, allow it
  2. Now open the website for example Gateforum or Hulu
  3. Play the video
  1. You are done. The video will be downloaded automatically into the RTMPDump folder. But you need to keep the video playing until the download is completed. Otherwise you may get an error.
  2. Your download is ready when you get the message Closing connection… Done! in the prompt.
  1. Note: The video will be saved as flv format. To open the file you may need vlc media player. You can download vlc media player and enjoy the downloaded video

If you are still having issues in downloading

You can follow some additional steps as below

  1. Then you need to change some settings in RTMPDumpHelper window. Following is the RTMPDumpHelper window
  1. Then go to Options >> RTMPDump Options and set executable to run as RTMP proxy server — rtmpsuck.exe. Most of the problems will solved using this setting.

Now you can enjoy the videos offline. :)