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Assumptions: You created your own decks, you crafted your own kitties, you earned some cards in different sets, and you learned the basic of deck balancing. This article also assumes that you have read all previous articles, so we won’t rehash much here, in order to save space!

Lets continue the focus on Strongholds. This is where you will find short and long term benefits. These benefits translate to “in and out” of combat bonuses, as well as increasing your revenue which can be exchanged for cards and upgrades.

The following areas will be covered in this article, and listed in descending priority:

  1. Vault: The Vault is where you find the MOST protection for your MX from being raided!
  2. Raiding Interface: This is where you can Raid other players, alliances or NPC Warlords!
  3. Mines: This is your resource sink, that provides long term recap of your investments.
  4. Bank: Bank gives you a daily return on how much MX you have stored up.
  5. Commerce: The current Marketplace exchange where you can buy or sell resources.
  6. Fortifications: These take some time to build up, but they provide bonus health in combat!

Taking each of these into consideration, the following logic will occur once a player begins to play daily:

Upgrade the various mines to level 1 asap, therefor you can generate 1 of each resource including MX daily. Keep in mind, these mines only produce if their level equals or is greater than 1/10th of your current ingame MX balance. So if you have a level 3 Lumber Yard, it will produce 3 lumber across 24 hrs, but you MUST have at least 30 MX during this time saved in your balance. If not, it will decrease by an equivalent percentage (which is now displayed ingame).

1. Upgrade that Vault!!! By upgrading your vault, more and more of your current MX balance is protected from being raided!!! This is the most important statistic in the long term, and will serve you well by focusing on it.

The way raiding works is: When someone attacks you, if they win, they earn and you lose 10% of your un-protected MX balance. So in this example, if you have 60 MX stored, and a vault that protects 40% of your MX, that means you have (6x4=24) out of 60 MX protected, meaning that 36 of your MX is UNPROTECTED and raidable. If someone were to beat you, they would get 3.6 MX from your bank! This reduces your overall protection, because now you only have 56.4 MX at 40% protection, which leads to a different raidable balance.

Protip: An important note: For every level of your alliance (if you belong to one), provides a small amount of coverage to your MX. it equates to 25% of you active alliance membership, so if have 50 active members, you will gain 12.5 MX protection on top of vault %.

2. The Raiding Interface — This allows you to raid others and caravans, earning precious MX and resources. This is where your Defender and Raiding decks can be set, and are put into use. Keep in mind, these are active decks, so if you move cards out to make decks, remember to move them back asap.

Raiding players is available every 20 minutes, so 3x per hour. Caravans are first come first serve and are on a random schedule and use your cooldown for raiding players, but totally worth it as they are super easy and provide actual resources like stone and iron (the most important ones).

Recently, a small hotfix incorporated a RARE caravan that is competitive — only one player may claim it, then it disappears! These provide up to 20 of each Resource, and appear approximately 3 times per day.

You can average from 3–15 MX an hour successfully raiding other players, but keep in mind, they will have defensive decks as well! So choose your opponent wisely. generally, the best to raid are the Dark Forces NPC’s, their names usually start with “Dark” something or another, and will have varying difficulties of decks. Just watch out for that Sea Serpent, its a legendary card randomly placed in all dark forces decks! Yikes!!!

3. Mines — Man these will throw you for a tumble, they progressively get harder and harder to upgrade. However their resource production will ultimately in the long run provide you a ton of MX daily without any effort at all. The resources produced are competitive, once you produce a good daily amount, they can be traded for other harder to get resources. So take good stock and make friends with your neighbors.

These also go in an order, so the base mines produce the resources needed to get the more important mines upgraded. Also, if you can find yourself a good alliance, the guild leader will use guild resources to help newer players upgrade their mines asap. This is very useful, just remember, you can produce a ton of MX daily, but if you do not have the steps in place, you will not be able to protect them!

4. Bank — The bank is straightforward, it provides a certain % interest on MX in your current balance! At level 2, it provides a whopping 5%, so if you have 100 MX in your balance, you get 5 MX for free daily! (and thats just level 2!) — do not be surprised if this gets nerfed/adjusted etc. sometime in the near future!

Additionally, your guild provides bonuses to your Bank. A lv5 Bank, and a Lv5 guild with 50 active members provides a whopping 10% overall interest rate! This can begin to become quite lucrative, so focus here when it is time.

5. Commerce — A great spot to find deals every so often, but honestly the exchange rates are predatory at the moment, so avoid this as much as possible. Maybe one day a healthy market will emerge, but likely it will be updated before the players decide to host healthy exchanges (resources are very limited at the moment). This is also currently the best place to store your excess MX that you don’t want raided, just make sure you have enough gold to post an outrageous counter-amount to keep the MX from being bought!

6. Fortifications — Currently not very useful considering the massive investment for little return that you receive. Each level produces 3 extra HP during battle, so if you somehow built a lv 10 fortification, you would have an extra 30 health in every single battle! Kinda cool, but minimal at the moment, invest your starting resources elsewhere, do this last.

Protip: Each member in your alliance also provides a small hp boost, larger guilds can produce 20 or more hp bonus for you! This can be the match point, swaying the odds in your favor, saving your precious MX from being raided!

So the next logical question is: Why? Here is a little preview to inspire you to go max out those buildings and create your vault, banking and fortifications.

Protip: The current structure in-game is open beta, and is under development for a much larger game. By taking these steps now, you will not just benefit marginally in current time, but will have an entire foundation for when the updates to strongholds and map expansions occur!

Getting the Maximum value of MX daily, combined with good protection will allow your bank to produce massive gains. Say you can store up around 2k MX atm, that means, with just 10% interest daily, and a lv10 MX Mine, each day you will gain at least 210 MX Passively, and that is without doing things such as raiding and cheering on others! This adds up FAST.

Additionally, by maximizing your mines, your future stronghold(s), will have the resource base from collecting on a daily basis.

So — go get a head start on the future, build up your city, and have fun! Head over to Mythereum today, jump in their Discord and get going, whatcha waiting for?!




The Fantastically Distributed Trading Card Game

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