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How to make & use MythiCats — 101

Welcome (Back)! So you heard about our major collaboration event with CryptoKitties this weekend? I’m guessing you want to fine tune your ability to compete and have a shot at winning that unique Cat! Well seek no further, all the information that is needed to be able to compete and potentially win can be found right here!

Before we start, a few things to consider:

  1. The tournament on Mythereum will be Cat vs Cat only, so no worries about fighting experienced players, only Forged CryptoKitties can be used in the tournament coming this weekend!
  2. It costs practically nothing to play in this tournament, in fact, if you own your own CryptoKitties, you will only need to pay gas fees (around .04 cents USD) for each cat you forge. {In fact, only CryptoKitties makes any money on breeding or purchase fees to make and bring cats over to the Forge}.
  3. The tournament will require a minimum of 5 cats, with no more than 10 being needed. 7 is the suggested number, to allow for variance and Magick building (more on this later).
  4. To make a good, competitive cat, three factors are involved. The primary factors are the life points and attack power of any given MythiCat. These are controlled directly by the Generation and Cooldown ratio of the CryptoKitty being forged. The lower the better. On average a gen 3 — gen 5 cat with speedier types of cooldowns will have the best Forge outcomes.

5. The third Factor is the rare attribute of the CryptoKitty. There is an entire article written about this topic → HERE ← which boils down to the rarest cat-tribute from the original 123 visible, non-purstege attributes, then becomes the determinant MythiCat ability. Only 21 MythiCat abilities exist to date.(Check this Article).

6. The trick to making a solid, competitive deck, is the forging process and understanding how Mythereum gameplay in Skirmish mode works. This is the formula for success, and will make or break your chances at winning that purrty Sparkles! (Don’t worry, even if you don’t win the grand prize, tons of CryptoKitties will be given away over the weekend)!

Lets get started! to be able to sign up for the MythiKat Katurdays Pre-season Tournament, you will need to do a few things first.

Customizing your Account — Very Important! (Step 3)
  1. Head over to the Mythereum website and login using a cryptowallet. Metamask works like a charm, but they also have their own built-in account manager and wallet provided by Portis, which OpenSea also uses. However if you already have Metamask, and that’s where your CryptoKitties are, I highly suggest just linking it there (I personally use Metamask myself for this).
  2. Once there, and signed in with your wallet, make sure to click on the gear in the top right corner (pictured above) and customize your name. Also if you have discord, feel free to link it, and join the Mythereum Discord HERE.
  3. On the home page, you will be able to claim 30 of their free Survivor Edition cards, you can use these to play the game a bit a and get used to the mechanics. The cards also have value, so if you Forge them for a small fee (again, the free survivor cards) you can then trade them, or sell them on marketplaces such as OpenSea for a little bit (suggested retail price .01 ETH). This can give you a boost, or even provide the funds you need to buy the CryptoKitties for the Tournament!!! (Protip: Rarer Survivor Cards can go for up to .1 ETH each!)
  4. Once you have your cards, click the Gear Icon again (Top Right) and Claim the Free MX for completing newbie tasks. MX is our private proof-of-play token that can be used for various tasks in-game, including joining events like battles, or tournaments. Over the course of the next 3 days, Mythereum will be hosting practice tournaments for MythiCats throughout the day and night.
  5. Now that you have some starting out functions taken care of, next will be building your deck(s). There is an excellent guide I wrote →HERE← so I wont go into too much detail, however , once your cats are forged, they will need to have their own unique deck to register for the tournaments this weekend.
  6. There are two important places on the Mythereum site that you will need to familiarize yourself with, Battlegrounds (used alot), and The Forge, which is where you will convert your CryptoKitties into MythiCats (for free / gas fee).
    The battlegrounds is where you will be able to test your MythiCats out and eventually sign up for the Tournament. To make it easier on everyone, I have personally posted 50 or so random cat battles for people to test their mettle against!

(Protip: If all battles are taken up at any given time, just holler in discord to us, and we will post more!)

In Order (Top), then Middle (Not Started) , then choose any especially ones posted by Me (Yespa) or (Gargantua)

Lets focus on Mythereum gameplay, so you can understand exactly what to expect when battling someone. First and foremost, although Mythereum is a game of skill, there is a slight bit of randomness in the form of randomly generated Magick (more on this later), to allow for a fair balance between expert and new players to compete evenly!

The Blue is your Magick Production (Top) and Current Magick Pool (Bottom), Red is your health (starting in circle) and the lightning represents who attacked who.

This community event will be in the form of “Skirmish Battles” which are two round, turn based rounds to see who conquers who! The tournament will have a five round elimination mode, with 32 persons competing in each qualifier for a chance to move on to the semi finals.

SO — what is a skirmish mode? Skirmishes are battles where each player puts their deck against the other to see who can think more strategically than the other. The first round has two win conditions:

  • Reduce your opponent’s health to ZERO
  • Destroy ALL of your Opponent’s Cards.

When this first round concludes, the winner has not been decided, however the following happens:

  • A new round (round 2 of 2) begins.
  • The player who went second last game, now goes first.
  • The player who “Won” the previous round, earned a score.
  • There is now a new win condition for the previous round winner, “reduce your opponent’s health below the match score point achieved in the previous round”.
  • To win in the second round(which determines who the real winner is) You need to:
    - If the Defender (you lost first round) not allow your health to drop below the score AND either kill all opponent cards or bring their health to zero.
    - If the Aggressor (you won first round) You can win by reducing opponent health below the score (instead of to zero) or destroy all of the defender’s cards.
  • Strategy here is key, also knowing that if you lost the first round, you can still win the second round. Moreso, if you know you’re going to lose the first round, you can reduce your opponent’s health score to reduce their overall score (this is a super important strategy!)
  • Understand, that no matter how much anyone spends, prepares or thinks they’re gonna win, the randomness of Magick assigned each combat round can determine the difference between a win or a loss. Magick assignment is based on the average of all cards Magick production in the deck builder, but almost all MythiCat decks will equally produce 4 Magick per turn, randomly assigned to Black/Grey/White.

So how can I, a brand new arrival to Mythereum, have a chance at winning Sparkles you say? As with anything, there is a learning curve, so my advice is to start playing practice battles and talk in length with other players and admins in their Discord.

Next, you will want to weigh your options, below are the 21 unique MythiCat abilities that any CryptoKitty forged will be born with! Take Note, some are either attack (right side), defense (left side) or hybrid (both) types of abilities. The best decks will have a combination of all of these. Also, the ones that cost more Magick, produce more Magick per turn, but require more turns to build up that amount, so plan carefully! Too many low cost, and you wont last at end battle, but too many high power abilities, and you will fall short in the early game!

(Protip: Match your base attack/health to compliment your abilities)~~

Low Res (My apologies) List top left to bottom right -expense of Cat-abilities

The above pictures can be further explained using this table:
— — — — — — — — — — — — — —
Kitty Specials by Magick Cost and Strength, ranked by cost:

Cat Powers
Kitty Purr 1–2–2 40/0
Kitty Hiss 1–3–1 25/0
Kitty Bite 1–3–1 0/40
Kitty Meow 2–1–2 0/35
Kitty Wiggle 2–2–1 0/30
Kitty Stealth
1–2–2 25/10
Kitty Wise 1–1–3 10/30

Kitty Leap 1–3–2 50/0
Kitty Flip 2–3–1 45/0
Kitty Pounce
2–2–2 0/60
Kitty Claws 4–1–1 0/60
Kitty Superstition 1–1–4 0/65
Kitty Mesmerize 1–4–1 0/55
Kitty Scratch 1–3–2 0/70
Kitty Power 1–2–3 0/55
Kitty Pawned
2–2–2 40/20
Kitty Kick 2–1–3 15/25

Kitty 9-Lives 1–5–1 80/0
Kitty Camouflage 2–4–1 80/0
Kitty Sense 3–2–2 30/45

Kitty Spit 2–4–2 0/80
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

If you need some examples of what you may be going up against, take these cards from my collection for example:

As you can see, each of these cards generally has very high of one stat, usually with a complimentary ability boosting to other stat.

My personal suggestion is a 7 card deck:

- 2x Attackers
- 2x Defenders
- 2x Hybrid
- 1x Evader

This allows for some flexibility, as the main deck would be 1 of each: attacker, defender, evader and 2x hybrid, with the option to trade out a hybrid for either a defender or attacker.

(Protip: In battles where you have more than the required 5 cards, you can trade a card out from your hand, for one at random from your remaining deck. Bot aka AI players, will never swap from their deck.)

A little more about actual mechanics:

Mythereum has a tutorial →HERE← and you can head over to the battlegrounds as mentioned earlier to get some test battles in. Please keep in mind, Mythereum has more cards than just MythiCats, but the tournament will ONLY have MythiCats in it. So have fun and check out the rest of the game too! (That’s why we are having a community event right!)

  1. When you attack an opponent’s card, your attack power(top right)is applied to their leader card’s defense (top left), and if that defender goes to 0 health, the remaining damage, if any, is then reduced from your opponent’s personal health.
  2. When an ability is activated on a defender, the attack power of the attacker is first applied to that defensive amount, then applied to the defending card’s health pool if there is an overage, up to and including the player if too much attack.
    For example, I attack with a card that has 40 attack power, and a special ability of +80 attack power. The defending card has 37 health and +70 defense ability. I do a total of 120 attack, and the defender provides 107 defense. His card is defeated AND the player themself takes 13 damage to their health pool.
    In a different example, I attack with a card that has 33 attack, and a +25 attack ability. My opponent has a card with 49 defense, and +45 defense boost. I attack his card with a total of 58 attack points, however his card activates the +45 defense, nullifying 45 of my attack points. That leaves 13 attack point rollover to the defenders card, reducing its permanent health by 13, leaving it with 36 health for the rest of that round.
  3. IMPORTANT: The game operates turn by turn, so whomever goes first gets a handicap — you do not produce any Magick that turn, in exchange for being able to play your card, and attack first. This can be a boon, or a curse. The downside is that your card, if played first,is vulnerable to being defeated unless having a very high initial defense score. Please keep this in mind.
  4. Remember, in order to activate a card ability (bottom row) you need matching Magick in your Magick pool as compared to that on the bottom. If you do not have the minimum in each category(s), the ability will not fire.
    (Protip: Additionally, if you have a hybrid card their attack ability WILL fire when you play it, so you need to have double the Magick if you plan on using the defensive ability as well).
  5. It is plausible to attempt to predict your opponent’s best move mathematically, however — Magick ultimately determines which cards could/should be played. Use your Magick and abilities wisely, and making it through the qualifier(s) will be a snap!

Below is a tutorial battle video we have provided to assist in the learning process to get ready for this weekend!

MythiCat Tutorial (15 Minute)

With that all being said, good luck and more power to ya! Most importantly, remember to have fun, though competitive, its still a game! Be honest, respectable and caring to your opponents and fellow discord members, we are in fact all human (unless you have a bit of cat DNA in ya….?)

One last note: Practice makes purrfecttt, give it a few hours after reading and playing, and it should seem much easier thereafter — and don’t hesitate to ask, we always welcome questions, suggestions and constructive criticisms (within reason of course!)

Good luck and hope to see you there, this Katurday, April 20th!

Important Links:

  1. Mythereum Tournament Sign-up Page : HERE
  2. CryptoKitties index on Opensea: HERE
  3. Katurday Tournament Event Article: HERE
  4. Forging MythiCats Article: HERE
  5. Mythereum Discord: HERE
  6. CryptoKitties Discord: HERE
  7. MythiCat Forge: HERE



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