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Mythereum 2021/22 Roadmap Introduction

2021 Introductory Roadmap-what is planned and to come

Given the historical nature of the project, the Team is striving to maintain strict facility to preserve the game as it was once loved, while also updating and expanding it in unique and dynamic ways. With the Forge being moved to top priority, once it has been re-opened to the public, we will be going forward with Layer 2 Adoption and Integration.

Layer 2 Adoption Post Forge Implementation will take on many approaches to first engage with and enhance our gameplay modules and contracts. When the project went into hibernation — of the primary causes of concern was the rising gas prices. Back then it was dollars rather than hundreds. The gwei problem grew out of control and is deeply tied into the proof of stake issues with miner changes, and it affected a lot of projects — ours included.

Layer 2 will produce new challenges in the form of learning and implementation curves, but better serves our community base by reducing fees to near nothingness. This will also allow us to run things such as tournament contracts, stronghold payouts etc with more efficiency and accuracy while maintaining a quality and productive game environment that can scale to new heights.

Thereafter, new and improved versions of older modules will be gradually reintroduced into the game. We have not determined a step by step implementation schedule as of yet, as we’ve only been back to the drawing board for a few weeks and have to learn and design the new coding, while determining which item is best to implement 1 by 1.

Once we have that process hammered out, we will produce a more detailed roadmap, so definitely look forward to that. Forge is our #1 priority, which will allow survivors and alchemists to be minted, as well as Mythicats to be minted to offchain, and then back into the underlying kitty for those wishing to do so!

  • Note: Mythicats will NEVER be able to be onchained again so the hard cap is 547 as of the time of writing this article.

Forge and Edition Expansions

We have some exciting news!!! Word has spread about our re-awakening, and with that new sets are on the horizon to collect and battle with!!! Before we delve into what is coming, I’d like to review some info about sets prior to our hibernation.

We had announced in 2019 the implementation of two new sets, one a core set and one a myth-x expansion. The Myth expansion was Mythicats V2, which was to replace V1 which was discontinued to impossible to remedy balancing issues. There has been talk of actually launching the Mythicat V2 contract, as it was already written up and ready to deploy, however the time, and cost of doing so would put other priorities on the backburner. Thus Mythicats V2 release has been postponed with the possibility of cancellation altogether. We thought it best to share this news here, so as to prevent any rumors in one way or the other from catching on.

Additionally, back in 2019–2020 — we were excited to announce the release of a new upcoming Core Edition. But this wasn't possible before our game shutdown and was paused. We will be releasing this set, but it will be reworked. We are now revisiting the set by including new art, and dynamic changes to the overall theme and renaming the upcoming set “Phoenix Edition”. Besides just sounding cool, and invoking powerful mental imagery, we felt with the resurgence of Mythereum rising from the ashes of years past — Phoenix was the appropriate edition name to appoint at such an appropriate time.

With that being said, sometime in the near future (second half 2022 maybe?) our “Discovery” set will also be launched. This was a set being worked on in quiet, and some yet few knew of. It has an exciting theme and expands the story of the Lore behind Mythereum in some unique ways. By the way, if you have not read the Mythereum Lore, you can do so HERE. Eventually this lore will be published into an official story board book, and its quite extensive!

Both of these sets are poised to be quite disruptive to the current meta, and although Ex-abilities will not be releasing soon (Extended Abilities) you can look forward to these later in 2022.

Onward to the biggest news of the day!!!

Mythi-x Editions

With the Reinitializing of the Forge on the horizon — we are proud to announce not just one (1), but three (3) upcoming Myth-X Editions to be released (Similar to Mythicats) as an Interoperability Contract!

<<<<<<<<<<<<<insert loot image>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Allow me to introduce to you — the Mythi-Adventurer Edition ! ! !

Say Whatttt? YES you heard it here FIRST!!! Mythereum will be building Loot Derivative version that will incorporate LOOT NFTs into playable Mythereum Cards!!

If that wasn’t big enough news — we also are announcing future editions of:

<<<<<<<<<<<<<insert images>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Mythi-Apes and Mythi-Punks !!!

That's right — if you own a Bored Ape or a Crypto Punk (not a knock off!) You will have your very own special Mythi-X Edition to play through the Mythereum Metaverse with!!!

We understand that these two sets are out of the reach of many players, which is why we chose to release the Mythi-Adventurer (Loot) Editions first. Due to the wide support of derivatives — Mythi-adventurers will be more accessible to most players, making it a fun and enhanced way of enjoy all Mythereum has and will have to offer!

Gameplay and Structures

We are currently reviewing implementation strategies for updated gameplay and the RPG elements surrounding it. One thing we know for sure — Mines will be replaced with a modern form of gameplay similar to Yield Farming.

What is Yield Farming?

  • Yield farming lets you lock up funds, providing rewards in the process.
  • It involves lending out cryptos via DeFi protocols in order to earn fixed or variable interest.
  • The rewards can be far greater than traditional investments, but higher rewards bring higher risks, especially in such a volatile market.

You can read more about Yield Farming HERE. This is obviously how it works in the overall crypto world, but having a good understanding will help you adapt once Yield Farming in Mythereum via our Mines.

Additionally, for those who played Mythereum earlier in its lifespan — you will recall having to farm various materials such as wood, steel and even meat. We will continue to have this dynamic in the game, and as with everything else it will be receiving a rework.

Not much has been discussed about this at the moment, however — our core dev has mentioned that he is building a fungibility system to atomically swap materials with an algorithm controlled by the relative supply balance.



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