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Mythereum — Changing your Perspective


Do you ever wonder why certain cards are so valuable, or over-played but seem ridiculous to use to you? CCG TCG meta generally requires player’s to stop, think and re-evaluate their strategy instead of running head-on into battle. If winning or losing is a mystery to you in Mythereum, then this article is for you. it may not be what you expect, but if you are willing to take the time to read it through, you may find your skill level increasing, and understanding complex game strategies that you could not see before.

So, what is perspective? Perspective is a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view. With that in mind, purview the images below, although unrelated to Mythereum in and of themselves, they are a necessary experience to open your mind to additional possibilities….

Above is the most common observation imagery used for perspectives, what do you see? Most people will be able to see the Chalice and the Faces, as the color scheme gives their location away, but what if you face something a…bit more complex?

Above is another famous piece used to challenge minds to see perspectives….what do you see? An elderly lady? Or a beautiful middle aged woman? Now you can see, things get more complex. Feel free to keep challenging yourself on this one till you can see it, then I have more for you below!

Three or Four (or 7!)

So this one gets fun, its ancient but still always fun to look at, now your eyes are just playing tricks on you, or are they ;)

Next up:

Duck, Duck……?

I always love the above image, for some it is realllllyyyy really hard to see the Rabbit, although some see reverse and have a hard time with the Duck. Do you see both? If so, good, great even! next!

Which is Longer?

So which of the above lines is the longest? (Check image below for Answer)!

Crazy Right

If you have never seen the images explained above before, this is usually the mind blower — they are ALL the same length!

By now your mind should be sufficiently expanded (and maybe a bit blown too!) — feel free to take a moment and get your focus back, splash some water on your eyes if need be!

Great, welcome back (You did blink it back to alignment right?) !

Ok so, let’s shift this mode of thinking to playing Mythereum (or any card game for that matter). I’ll start off with some basics:

Arathorn — Genesis

Arathorn, the cornerstone of Genesis, one of the best of the best, or is he? Well, in manual play, most likely. However, Mythereum is not limited to autoplay and has automated AI. When you shift your thinking, it turns out, that even boosted to lv7 Arathorn turns out to be not so clutch when being used by the automated AI. generally, the AI plays your toughest card right out the door, making it an easy target for destruction. Hence, Arathorn has been out of my defensive raid decks for ages. Imagine that!


In contrast, cards that look horrible (in comparison) at first glance, generally pull out ahead. The AI will not likely play this card right away, and her special ability only uses TWO yes, 2, white magicks. This is easily acquired throughout the course of a battle, and making her a solid choice mid to late battle, whether playing as yourself or through the AI automation.

So consider this, an average player, especially a new arrival, will say, wow Arathorn can do 120 damage in a single shot, I want him and ill pay $200 bucks for it, its amazing! Whereas, Versaisias can only do 83 damage, and has way lower defense, making her an easy kill (in the players mind of course). This is where both Meta and perspectives comes into play. You have to take multiple variables into consideration besides Might > ALL. \

  1. What type of play style will you be engaging (Manual or Auto play)?
  2. What types of Card(s) are you going up against?
  3. How fast will your card(s) be targeted?

All of these things are taken into consideration, or at least need to be when building your deck, waaaaaaaaay before you even enter a battle. Asking yourself what your potentially going to face, and knowing your opponent is key to building.


Here is a super crazy area of conjecture, and there is no right or wrong, but consider this: When discussing Hybrids (or using them) say a card such as:


Man — Phaendar causes alot, I mean ALOT of arguments. He is part of the Free-to-Play Set Survivor. I listed him in my top 5 list and it brought out lots of opinions, which also shows all the different perspectives held by players of all levels of expertise.

Phaendar’s base stats are half decent, but the real magic is his 24 defense. Ignore the 25/25 special, 1–1–5 is hard to gather, and conflicts with your mid to late game defense. Phaendar is a FIRST TURN hero. If playing in a tournament with no upgrades, he cannot be killed first turn. This is KEY to Card Advantage. And if upgrades are allowed, u can just boost all the more easier, though boosting a defender is more ideal — but otherwise Phaendar is a GREAT space filler.

By playing Phaendar first turn, you can guarantee saving card advantage, and can even potentially swap him out, for use later again, or to exchange on a turn where it would be to your advantage for a full health card. You could also just attack the next round and deal 22ish damage, which is good enough for almost all the cards in that series to be killed off.

So that is Meta. Thinking ahead, sometimes WAAAAY ahead. Planning card advantage by contemplating each action in a game by a player or player(s) before even initiating those fights is the key to coming out on top. Never enter a fight unless you know you’ve already won, otherwise…you’ve already lost.

Check back in the future for more perspective bearing comparisons, and suggestions to enhance your game play.

P.S. I did it, and I suggest everyone else does too: STUDY the card pages, on the official site, there is an area where ALL set cards are listed. You can see all the cards you are missing, there, and in deck builder (builder has update graphics). Figure out what is what, and plan your collection AHEAD of time, if you have a limited budget, you WANT to know what cards work best and focus on those, instead of picking up whichever random card goes on sale. ;)



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