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Mythereum Community Newsletter — Summer 2019 (June & July)

Hey folks, welcome back to our second installment of the Mythereum Community Newsletter! There is extensive exciting information below, so it is my hope that as you read this, you’re sitting down! (Hold onto your seats boys and girls!!!) Buuuuut, just in case this is your first time visiting Mythereum, let me introduce you to the Fantastically Distributed Collectible Card Game, hosted on the Ethereum network and the first ever TCG CCG founded on the ETH network!

Mythereum is a card game (primarily) that allows players to compete against one another, or play casually against other people or automated AI designed decks! It is alot of fun, and has a very small learning curve, allowing you the player to get into the game fast and quick. The game runs what is called a proof-of-play game design, where free to play mechanics rule and pay to win features are not a thing. As with all collectible trading card games, buying packs of course is a thing, and trading within the community is always the way to go otherwise! (Speaking of community, check out our Discord HERE — this is where most of the action happens)!

Ok, let’s get to all of the exciting news for the summer of 2019!!!! First off, let’s tip our hat to the current DUO of rare unique assets from the Awakening and Survivor Sets! (Rarity can change on a weekly basis, as of the time of writing this article, these are the two rarest):

Survivor (Left) and Awakening (Right)

So one of my favorite cards made it back into the spotlight, the almighty Birs!!!Being the second best natural defensive card in the awakening set, this bad boy had won me a ton of games when I first joined Mythereum. Unfortunately, rarity is just a vanity for the time being, so he/it doesn’t earn any special features, but gets to look super cool!

Fralopa is an odd one, and given the freebie nature of Survivor cards (30 free survivor cards to every new account), its no surprise that a random like Fralopa could make it to the spotlight. With a natural 33/39 stat set, she will unlikely see much play anytime soon. Hybrids are hard enough to manage with their double magick cost to activate defenses, and couple with extremely low stats, she is one for the bench (for now). In the future, when ExAbilities are released she (may) find a use on your team! So until then, Fralopa may you enjoy all your rainbowness~~~

Before we get to the community player highlights of the Summer, let’s talk about a recent, highly anticipated release that happened this past week! Mythereum’s very first Community Generated Content — Art Contest finished and the Alchemist series of cards have begun to be released! Yes, so if you haven’t been in-game recently, now IS the time to hop on and on-chain your Alchemist(s)! For more contest info, check out my review article HERE!

As you may recall, approximately 20 players were finalists in the event, meaning that each of them received their very own personal copy of their art turned into Alchemist! The first place prize winner, was Elbeau!!! He won not just a 10 pack of super rare, out of print Genesis — but he also won USD $1,000 in cryptocurrency (DAI!) Very awesome I must say!!! With no further adu, here is the rare Elbeau Alchemist card:

Elbeau the Alchemist!

As you can see, he received the honorary rarest gemstone in the Mythereum Universe, the Mythstone! This is what gives the rainbow hue around the cards’ borders.

This is both interesting and exciting, in that — the way the Alchemists are being distributed allows for a certain amount of each unique Alchemist to even be on-chained into the Ethereum Network as an NFT. (This allows the item to be traded/sold and upgraded using ingame currency).

So while we are discussing Alchemists, lets discuss some of the design updates and changes made to them post-release. Alchemists provide unique bonuses, which is their selling power. Each Alchemist will manually affect how Magick is generated, AS LONG AS it is in your LEADER position. In the future there may be conditions that allow Alchemist’s abilities to influence Magick persist longer than the turn they are in play (sweet!)

Note that there is a difference between sets, making it easier or harder to utilize the Alchemist in its full potential, adding some creativity and risk to the game. In the example above Elbeau provides what is called Balanced Magick generation, (Magick is used to activate card abilities and is generated in a random selection process). Therefore, say a player generates 3 random magick per turn, with Elbeau in play, that player can now guarantee an even breakdown into each type in a 1–1–1 format any turn that Elbeau is set as the Leader card!

Only 25 Elbeau’s were able to be on-chained, making him likely the rarest Alchemist to ever be released, as Mythereum is releasing each additional Alchemist in a successively increasing pattern, so the next card will allow for a total of 50 instances to be on-chained. Speaking of the next one (currently underway, so go and get in the game and play 100 battles!) is our Blood Sorcerer — who using a necromantic ritual to produce more black magick, than grey or white. here he is:

Blood Sorcerer

As we can see, alot is going on with these cards. An interesting facet, is that the Alchemist now takes the role of the player himself and so the whole teams health points are carried by hm or her. They each have their own shield points that also add to the overall player health. Since they now take the role of the player when they die thats basically the player dying (which can be fast if you dont play any other cards!).

They can also be upgraded like normal cards, wit ha bonus of 30/30 max possible to each side. This of course takes a ton of MX (15k per side approximate) so do not expect to see that anytime soon, but adding 10 or so health can be the difference between a win or lose.

Additionally, Alchemists can actually do damage when in play, and by boosting their attack stat, can make them VERY worthwhile to actually use. Their primary use of course is managing your magick pools and making them a bit more predictable, at the cost of making yourself vulnerable for a turn or two (not a good idea in Genesis, especially vs. Annihilate)!

Alchemist Winners

These 19 images, plus Elbeau will make up the first 20 of the 125 Alchemists to eventually be released. It is unknown (and undecided) at this point whether another round of content contests will happen, or if Mythereum will sanction the creation of assets to complete the last 105 Alchemists!

Summer 2019 Community Player Spotlight

With all that being said, let’s get to our Player Spotlight! This time we’re going to highlight our Hype Squad members and their respective media channels! The Mythereum is a specialized Social media Influencer group of players and advertisers who get the word out about Mythereum, host promotions and stream the tournaments! I’ve been known to pop in here and there on the streams as well, so don’t hesitate to say hello!

Kenn Bosak is our first and premiere Social media Influencer, and yes he actually looks like that! What a great caricature!!! As it stands, although he is quite popular and outspoken in his media, he is quite shy, and as such, we don’t have a bio for him, as he prefers to speak for others! Here are some more of his channels!

Kenn’s Twitter feed is filled with insightful and useful crypto info and Swag!

You can Also find up to the minute tournament info via Kenn’s Twitter, how awesome!!!

You can even check out some of the Fireside Chats Kenn Bosak has been in or even hosted himself, so don’t hesitate, check out his social media sites above, and hop on stream with us one night!

Next up is another social media influencer, and a well to do upcoming business entrepreneur, Decentralized Gaming, aka Carlos! Decentralized as we commonly refer to him, has an extensive level of insight into the crypto community and works closely with Kenn Bosak to ensure top of the line content during their media streams!

Carlos had this to say about himself: Hello! I run the page Decentralized Gaming. I serve to bring news about blockchain gaming, Mythereum, and other events in the blockchain space, but do not really serve as a news channel. I like to interact with people as a gamer and person first. I am mainly active with the hype squad members and help bring news and interactions with my personal favorite blockchain game, Mythereum.

I ran into crypto around 2015 and realized it was an amazing opportunity to be part of a new industry. I enjoyed playing the market and discovering new projects within the space. When I found out about blockchain gaming, I was permanently hooked. I knew that gaming will be a bridge to fill the gap between blockchain and mass adoption. It wasn’t until this year that I finally decided to interact with blockchain on a social media and interactive way. While still helping share information on blockchain games, my main goal is to help upcoming developers and teams launch their games into mass use. This lead me to find Mythereum and become involved in a community of amazing gamers, developers, influencers, artist, and much more.

Outside of Blockchain I am constantly learning graphic design, marketing, and other tools necessary to contribute to the industry. I help out colleagues and friends with any ideas or companies they want to make. On the side I play video games, create art, and design clothing ideas with a friend. I enjoy going to conferences for blockchain to meet new people that share the same interest and mindset. If you ever want to talk and meet me, catch Kenn Bosak and I on Apex Legends to get some dubs!

I hope to see Blockchain games and other dapps flourish because the day to day hobbies and use will be what brings mass adoption in the industry.

A recent slide from Decentralized News!

Finally, our latest and newest member to the Hype Squad Alpha Team: “NZT”, also known as Jean Claw, SQTheLion and many more - NZT has brought Mythereum to a whole new level! NZT is responsible for oversight of the influx of Cryptokitties players, as well as developing an on-going project for Audio-lyzing Mythereum Lore into a Voice Over script via his youtube channel! (see below):

NZT producing Mythereum Lore Voice-overs

NZT is a consistent force in our discord (join HERE) and had this to say about himself and his work:

Helloooo! Hope you’re having a great day! I am NZT/Sqthelion, a part of the Mythereum Community as well as the Mythereum Hype-Squad. I’ve been into Crypto Games since late 2017 and have always been a long term believer of crypto. PC games taught me quite a bit about crypto at the young age of eight. Not only am I a huge believer of crypto, I’m also a huge believer of Mythereum and the approach the developers and leaders have taken! Oh man, The Mythereum Lore is a beauty! Feel free to check it out in Discord or the website!

I’m not a stranger. You might’ve seen my username Sqthelion or NZT around discord. I’ve been a part of a large amount of crypto communities and have been loving it everyday! I’m a huge believer of sharing and equality. I’ve also spent quite some time volunteering at Shelters, Small Non Profit Food banks and Veteran Cemeteries. I’m also a part of a organization that helps most recovered and recovering veterans use natural treatments. I’m a Writer and influencer. I love People, Animals, Social Media and Crypto! My goal is to continue to spread Mythereum’s achievements. To bridge the communication between Players who have yet to know Online Card Gaming’s progression to Mythereum is here and it will only get better with time!!

NZT can be found in a multitude of areas, here is a link to one of his media influencing accounts:

JeanClaw Review of Alchemists!

That’s it for the Hype Squad Alpha Team! Check them out, follow them up and get some good insider info on both Crypto and Mythereum!

For Official Mythereum Tweets, Instagrams, Media and more - check out their channels:






Pretty awesome right???!!! Well that’s not all of it, lets get down to some fun and gun! What’s next you say — well so far we’ve covered rare cards, newly released Alchemists and our community spotlight on the Hype Squad, what else do we need!?!



There is a ton of stuff coming in the next 30 days!!!

  1. As we ALL know, we have been patiently (or for some, impatiently) awaiting the release of Season 2, (Version 2) of the interoperable MYTHICATS!!!! Within the next couple of days after this article is published, V@ Mythicats will be forgeable!!! (You can check out the V1 article we produced HERE).
  2. The new card set “Askian” will be released within a window between now and August 1st! I wish I could tell you more about this set, however i’ve been sworn to secrecy……but I can say this: The artwork is amazing, the cards will add new functionality to the game, and there will be a full set of 125 cards in the set, acquirable through pack purchases! Some of the new classes include Trolls, Centaurs, Gigas’, and ….andddd….andddd Well you’ll just have to find out ;)
  3. A new battle Mode that will allow players to play games with larger decks and larger health pools! Currently the estimate is 60 cards or 100 cards, and respectfully 6x or 10x your normal max health! Exciting!!!!

4. With the early release of some Alchemist cards, it has been “rumored” that some Alchemists will have their effect persist even after being returned to your hand, making it a fair balance from the initial design and current release version, so keep eyes peeled for these special Alchemists!


Tournaments and the future of battling for Crypto

There was alot of buzz in June about Mythicats, Tournaments, and changes — so let’s go over these here to clarify! First, due to the extensive success of Mythicats, it was determined that we needed to sway players BACK to the core game! People loved it so much, that Mythereum’s other systems were losing interest and alot of this had to do with an imbalance of rewards. Only Mythicat Katurday Saturdays were producing funds, with approximately $125 USD in DAI of rewards weekly! Genesis had zero, and other sets such as Awakening and Survivor had few to little rewards and was generally in-game currency — so naturally people were flocking to the awesome Katurdays for both fun and reward. This had an unfortunate impact on the Mythereum economy, so the following changes were made.

Each week, a different card set will be highlighted (as seen in the above picture). During that week, a pre-qualifier tournament that gives access to the weekend premium currency tournament will be played twice, one for US time zones, and one for EU-Asia time zones. The final will occur on Sundays (Katurdays will continue on Saturday same time, just different prize structures) It will look something like this:

Week 1: Tues (US PreQualifier), Wed (EU_Asia Prequalifier), Sunday (Midday) FinalGenesis

Week 2: Tues (US PreQualifier), Wed (EU_Asia Prequalifier), Sunday (Midday) FinalAwakening

Week 3: Tues (US PreQualifier), Wed (EU_Asia Prequalifier), Sunday (Midday) FinalAskian

Week 4: Tues (US PreQualifier), Wed (EU_Asia Prequalifier), Sunday (Midday)FinalSurvivor

For the month of July, we will likely just have the three, minus Askian, which works, as there was also a one week delay in prize rewards. What has not been announced (until right now) is that each of these premium currency events WILL have a prize pool reward of $100 USD in DAI total, with the potential of other rewards as well.

New initiatives will be employed to ensure that prize pools will exist to keep these initiatives funded, as currently the Team members themselves fund the prize pools, which as we know is not a sustainable design. So keep tuned here and to media releases throughout the week to discover what some of our new plans are!

Memorial Day Rewards Unveiled

An experiment with FUD

Some of you may remember that we had a flash tournament with mystery rewards for Memorial Day! Due to some unfortunate FUD making in chat, the tournament never made it off the ground, and players missed out on rewards such as these! 1st place prize was a HIDE/ANNIHILATE COMBO that woudld have also came along with 1000 MX. Second place would have received Tiger along with 250MX as well.

Other prizes included third place receiving a FULL SET of AWAKENING Cards, Fourth place would have received 3 Ubri’s (considered one of, if not the best card in Awakening) and many more fun prizes. The entry fee was a mere .1 ETH, with rewards ranging in the 1+ ETH range. FUD takes the day, sorry guys and gals, y’all missed out due to a couple of toxic voices!

Cards for In-game Currency

Proof-of-play activity

So, in one of my starter articles I mentioned that we are a play-to-win design, with Mythex as our Proof-of-play token that can be earned through various tasks within the Mythereum game. Above, you can see that this tradition lives on, as several useful Survivor Cards are listed for Mythex. This allows players who do not spend any real currency, to acquire cards by simply — playing the game!

However, recently I’ve kept track, and several players ingame have been taking advantage of this model, and have been acquiring the cards that have been set aside for newer, non-spending players with Mythex acquired through their own advanced means. Hence, only survivor cards are being posted for the time being. (Not fair to players who buy cards and place them down for newer players to earn via play).

Some were even buying the cards listed, and then reposting them for more, instead of using them for their gameplay! As such, only a few of these are left for the time being, so grab them up while they’re still there! (Regardless, trading for Mythex is a normal feature, so don’t hesitate to list as normal, as you can see on the left - OpenSea has the ability to sort by MX only sales now too!!!!)

Forge Updates!

Forging and you!

Updates to the Mythereum Forge have also been pushed to live! As discussed above, Alchemists are now a thing!! Also, as we wait for Mythicats V2 to go live, the reversion of the time limited promo of on-chaining Survivor cards has now reverted, meaning to on-chain a survivor, it now once again needs to fight in 100 battles (win or lose). Hope everyone enjoyed that promo period!

Now Alchemists, they have a unique formula for on-chaining~each individual alchemist needs to be on-chained by being in 100 battles, win or lose. That means each alchemist, 1 by 1 from the 20 promos, will be delivered to each player as an off-chain item. When the current one has been claimed enough (see below), then the new off-chain alchemist will replace the current.

The way this is being cycled is doubling. So the very first Alchemist (Elbeau — see above) will only allow for 25 total On-chain events, then it will switch. The second then allows for 50 on-chain events, and so on (next is 100, next is 200). So as each is released, the previous version becomes rarer, quite the intuitive and insightful process! That means pretty much once per week for the next 20 weeks, everyone should be logging in, and playing 100 battles with the current off-chain Alchemist. Good luck!!!

P2P Messaging

Player 2 Player Messaging System Implementation

In the image above, we can now see on the Warlord screen the ability to message any particular Warlord. For now though, you have to click on their profile first (usually through the “War Room” to find this screen. When clicked, a small pop-up window shall appear, allowing you to send a private, secure message to the other player through the game interface!

Message Pop-up

As you can see, now the message option has been replaced with the actual P2P messaging system! Enjoy and please don’t spam, noone likes ham.

In the above example, we now can see the new interface in the alliances section, to allow King’s to broadcast messages to all of their loyal subjects. Eventually, I’ve been told that these will eventually incorporate into an in-game messaging board as well. Very exciting! (Until now, the game has relied on Discord to coordinate communications between players. With this added functionality, secrecy and communication are increased and it utilizes protocols that ensure the communication is completely private).

Mythicat Info

Insider Tidbit

As we all know (now), that Mythicats V1 have ended and are no longer accessible. For a short while, players could unforge cats to get credits to on-chain a couple of their key cats. Now that the promo phase is over, keep in mind, Cashwell (our primary developer and founder) leaked that V2 Fancies will be in a much better position than in the previous set (v1 vs v2).

So, just as I did, I would suggest unforging all those fancies (maybe leave 1–2 low end ones behind for posterity’s sake) and hodl them until Mythicats V2 is launched (any moment now!) — Those fancies have been told to have had a rework, as when the V1 formula was made, Fancies and the like did not have a huge following and as such, were less of a priority as they are now, in both Cryptokitties and Mythereum.

And that’s a wrap folks! Thanks for stopping by to read our very first Mythereum Community Newsletter! We hope that you are looking forward to any and all of these events, activities and updates to come in future months! Don’t forget to head on over to Discord (HERE) and get in the conversation ,and if this is your first time hearing of Mythereum, don’t be shy, head over to the official website (HERE) and claim your free Survivor cards and get in the game!




The Fantastically Distributed Trading Card Game

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