Mythereum <> CryptoKitties Community Event Recap


On Sunday, April 21st CryptoKitties and Mythereum hosted a special tournament event that resulted in a limited edition Sparkles type cat being awarded to the winner of a weekend long series of ranked tournaments! Additionally over 70 low generation, low cooldown CryptoKitties and nearly a dozen Rare Fancy CryptoKitties were given away during the event and to all participants who won at least one battle over the weekend!

With no further ado, congratulations to Waltmester3000!

This Special CryptoKitty is limited to 100 ever being printed and given out on average as 1 per weekend! Walt earned number 5, but he also owns the third one ever minted! What a guy!

The Mythereum community had a blast hosting the event, and it was wonderful to have the CK community members come over and lighten up everyone’s day. We will do a full post-game review of the battles, however here are some high points from the event:

  1. The final battle was between two CryptoKitties community members for the glory! No Mythereum player made it to the final, however one of their top players, TheHermitMonk made it to the semi-finals!
  2. There was a break even point of just as many Mythereum players and new CryptoKitty community members that signed up for the event!
  3. Mythereum is still in “open beta” meaning that there will be bugs and glitches as expected, however after clearing a couple of nuisance bugs saturday morning, the entire weekend event went without further issue!
  4. The live stream went on for several hours! There was alot of positive energy and love all around, I mean honestly who doesn’t love cute cats?
  5. During the livestream CryptoKitty giveaways, one of the main team members for Mythereum gave away several high value CryptoKitty fancies, and even gave away one of his own, and very rare Genesis card — the famed Dinosaur.
Dinosaur — Genesis Edition

The battles were exciting, the energy was vibrant, and the mystery was awesome! Mythereum players were blown away when top dawg CryptoKitty collectors and breeders forged their high value CryptoKitty’s for brawling it out in the pre-season MythiCat Sponsorship tournaments!

Pre-season Final Battle

Above, we have a screen capture from the final round of the Pre-Season Final Battle. Two CryptoKitty core community members - duking it out with their MythiCats!!! Waltmeister3000 on the left eventually wins the match taking home Sparkles. However we do need to give out a big shout out to Byzantine, who put alot of work and research into building his deck, and practicing for several days before to get the hang of the mechanics. He is now a very knowledgeable person on how to build great Mythicat decks for battle in Mythereum, and a go to for advice regarding forging the right CryptoKitties into Mythicats on the Mythereum or CryptoKitties discord forums!

In Walt’s previous match, the semi-final round — it was interesting to see his come back during the match in the final couple of cards, letting him move on to the finals!

Sorry TheHermitMonk better luck next time!!!

Going forward two things will be happening with the cross platform interactions between Mythereum & CryptoKitties:

  1. The Easter weekend Community Event was a precursor to a future where quarterly, seasonally adept tournament events will be held for CryptoKitties within Mythereum, culminating in an end-of-year one off.
  2. Every Season (Quarterly 3 month period) Mythereum and CryptoKitties will release an updated formula that determines how a CryptoKitty is translated across platforms via Forging. This will allow for a mini game to crack the code during the season and get a head start on identifying how to select CryptoKities so that they forge into good Mythicats to fit your planned decks. These updates also allow the latest new Mewtations that have emerged to be used when forging Mythicats!
  3. Mythereum will make an official announcement in coming weeks regarding these, however, you can expect them to ultimately become roughly 12 week, ranked events. The first 8 weeks would be pre-qualifiers for the semi-finals which would then likely take place on week 9 and 10. The winners of the semi-finals will then go on to the final week and the Final Battle.

Well — the event was quite successful, and feedback was extensively positive! We look forward to covering more of these sponsored events in the future, and Mythereum reports that they have many sponsored events planned with future collaborators for cross-platform NFT sharing!

If this sounds like fun to you, head on over to the CryptoKitty website >>HERE<< and grab some cats, then head on over to Mythereum and get started! Check out the Katurday Saturdays tournaments to get a feel for things and don’t forget to head on over to the Mythereum Discord >>HERE<<

Also, check out the other articles referencing how to get started with Mythereum, a proof-of-play, free-to-play Trading card Game on the Ethereum network! And if you would like to support the author feel free to use his referral link (no extra cost) to Mythereum here :