Mythereum Deck Building 101

Mythereum is a multi approach gaming environment, which is centralized around its Trading Card Game matches. I will take you through the basics of getting your first decks up and running. This is important because your ability to raid others, and be protected from raiding, relies heavily on your deck building skills. Additionally, if you want a chance at those epic crypto prizes worth $100–200+, you are going to need to learn how to fine tune your decks!

Deck Building 101 First Steps

In the above image, you will see what your first free card decks will look like. On the left you can see that it has 10 cards, and a power of 16.56, Health of 392, and Man Production 5. Now my advice here, is to push that trash can button on the top, yes, go ahead, it does NOT delete your cards, just merely sends them to the unused category (on right) and destroys that pre-made deck.

Now on the right you will see multiple decks, so please go ahead and select and trash the two additional decks. Once done, go ahead and make a “New Deck” as highlighted on the right, and Rename it (by highlighting it, and clicking the pencil on the very left side), usually I name my first deck “Defender” so I can remember whats in it. The deck will be empty at first.

Now go and click on the “Unused cards” Search through them for the following 5 types of cards: 2 cards that rely heavily on defense boosting special abilities, 2 cards that rely heavily on attack boosting abilities (protip: use “Evil Eye” abilities in Survivor for assault) and 1 card that has a balance of attack and defense ability. Now drag each of those cards into your new deck, so that it populates and has 5 cards in it.

Post Setup

Now this is what your deck should look like (approximately, cards will vary). As you can see we only have 1 active deck on the right side, our initial “Defender Deck” with our best cards.

Now the reason we used the “unused cards” deck to draw from, instead of “all cards” is that when you drag a card out of unused into a new deck, it detracts from the unused deck, so later you can see which cards are available for other decks. If you were to use the “All Decks” deck, the card would remain in place and you would not know if it was added or not to a different deck, and cannot see the remaining cards available to other decks.

Next, you will want to head on over to Strongholds (click at top of screen),and click War Room. The screen should then become as we see here on the left. It should have auto set your raider and defender to your “Defender” deck, but if not go ahead and set it now. This is what determines your defense against being raided, and the deck you use for raiding other strongholds.

Keep in mind, you always want your most powerful combo of cards on offense and defense, because while raiding the AI (artificial intellignece controls the battle, not the player. So the only control you have, is the design of your deck that plays these roles. (This is done to keep things fair amongst players).

So, as you acquire cards, cards generally fall into ranks, with 1 being the most powerful, and 4 being the weakest:

  1. Genesis
  2. Mythicat
  3. Awakening
  4. Survivor

Mythicat is by far the most accessible set thus far, and Genesis is in fact sold out and limited edition, so the likelihood of snatching one of these powerhouses up is very unlikely. Awakening is the current sales pack, at .12 eth per pack, and survivor is given freely and can be traded with other players by on-chaining them.

From here, you will want to do is read → this article ← about Mythicats and Mythereum, and then head on over to OpenSea. Once there you will want to grab your first 5–10 cats and head back over to the Mythereum Forge, as discussed in the article. This will provide you the necessary defensive ability to protect your assets and to raid low to mid-tier opponents in the War Room.

Decks SHOULD generally have a balance of both Mana Costs and Attacker vs. Defender. As you are getting started, you may only have access to whichever cards came for free, but try to strive for:

  1. High End Attacker x2
  2. High End Defender x2
  3. Balanced Hybrid
  4. Special Function
  5. Special Function

Let me explain the dynamics of a card now:

The Top Left is your cards Health Pool

The Top Right is your card Attack Power

The bottom numbers are the bonus ability to either health or attack or both (as seen here). (Protip: Magicks % rounds down, so make sure you hit a solid number, 2.98% will produce 2 mana per turn, but 3.1% will produce 3 mana per turn).

Most importantly however, is the three numbers in the bottom middle. This represents your “Mana Cost” to use the special ability listed while your card is deployed as a leader in battle.

All together your card will have a summarized statistic (seen above in white). This information is super important for deck building, as it indicates the overall power of the card (the higher the power, the lower the player health pool will be in battle), and the “Magicks” which equates to how much mana your card contributes to the final decision of how much you are rewarded per turn! (Protip: The average of all cards Magick in a single deck equals how much mana per turn you receive in battle.).

Cards are balanced very well in Mythereum, so finding a well balanced team is the key to success.

As I listed “Special Function” above, these are additional cards that you can add to your deck to enhance its meta characteristics. For beginners (and advanced players!) you will want to focus on Magick % generating special cards that you will cycle in battle, but contribute to a higher mana %.

The current cards by set to look out for this are:

Top Mana Producers by Series
  1. Survivor: Thahna and Demonkia
  2. Awakening: Jarfick and Barindat
  3. Mythicat: Martian and RazzleDazzle

Genesis is such a power house, and the fact that you cant just randomly acquire one, means its not listed here. Powerhouses generate so little mana, you need cards from other sets just to generate mana for Genesis cards!

Disclaimer: Be advised that the game auto manages balancing of cards, so percentages are subject to change at any time, however these changes will generally be announced.

Well thats it for today! Stay tuned for more Mythereum Mayhem articles and if you are interested in deckbuilding tips, leave comments below, and look out for my future intermediate, advanced and expert deck building guides, as well as set and card reviews! Don’t forget to join the conversation here in the Official Mythereum Discord!