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Mythereum 2021 NFT Summer Community Newsletter

Mythereum Returns! Mythereum is back, and better than ever — After having been recognized as A Historically First Ethereum Crypto Game launched on Feb 5th 2018, Interoperability is at the core of Mythereum. Almost 4 years later, Mythereum relaunches with a vengeance, including nearly $1M worth of volume in just under one month’s time. Wow!

Mythereum, a gaming product that launched in February 2018, has made a major comeback and is now preparing to launch its rework on Layer 2. With that we bring a ton of news, updates and things to look forward to as well!!!

Official Opensea Stats — Previous 90 days

In the last 90 days, and more specifically in the last 30 days — Mythereum has experienced a surge of activity with its discovery by Official NFT Archaeological Research Teams “digging” up the gems of Ethereum and Crypto’s past. This is largely due to the unique history behind the “Forge” mechanic — allowing the minting of an NFT from another project into Mythereum. Mythereum is ofifically the first project to successfully implement, launch and collaborate using NFt’s primary use case — Interoperable NFT’s (via the Forge).

This is the first ever real example using the power of blockchains to allow for interoperability and composability in the games space was the most famous of Mythereum’s Forged items — the “Mythicats”, where the famous Cryptokitties NFT’s were able to be transformed into the Mythicats that could do battle in Mythereum.

Players could take their under-utilized cats, or even their fancies and expensive exclusive kitties to partake in high stakes reward tournaments hosted by the Mythereum Team (as well as community run tournaments). These cards became so cherished and examined, that they soon became highly sought after. Plans were set for a second V2 Mythicat Edition with different Forge characteristics as the Forging of new V1 Mythicats was discontinued.

Players in 2019 had a final opportunity to either on-chain their Mythicats or recover the cats that were locked within their Mythicat, but that ended when the project went into hibernation at the end of 2019 due to Covid and similary related matters.

Thus Mythicats were forever locked out of being minted or removed from mint status — leaving just 547 Mythicats to exist on-chain for the rest of history! With nearly half of those in lost wallets, the unofficial soft cap is closer to 200 or less in circulation, and maybe a few dozen being listed. It’s no wonder they are now highly sought after, raking in 10k or more per in some cases!

(Old Forge Image!)


For a Limited Time — Players will once again be able to UNFORGE their Mythicat and recover the underlying Cryptokitties locked in the card!!!

We do not have a specific date for this, but it will be in the coming months from what we can see right now according to the developer update regarding roadmap and layer 2 updates.

*If you are interested in uncovering which Cryptokitties are locked in your Mythicat, Team Member Yespa can be contacted via the Mythereum Discord: HERE.


The Journey Ahead

With the Mythereum relaunch, a lot of questions have been asked, and we have the answers!

The largest interest due to Mythereum’s unique historical significance has been about our “Forge”. The Forge is where interoperability happens — NFTs being forged into new or combined NFTs. The interest and queries have been so numbersome, that our actual roadmap release procedure has actually changed direction due to this interest flow!

The Forge Interoperability at its finest, 3 years ahead of its time.


Besides the famous Mythicats and Survivor Forging (more on that in a moment) — Alchemists also utilized the Forge to be “on-chained”. With the return of the Forge imminent, we will be periodically introducing new content as well as re-enabling the previous content that was present in 2018–2020.

Alchemists are a special, new set of card dynamics not present in the initial release of Mythereum (Feb 2018).

Alchemists take the “place” of the “No Leader” card for those who were with us prior. Alchemists represent the Avatar of the player injected into the Metaverse of Mythereum.

Each Alchemist is designed based off a player contribution competition held in the early days of Mythereum. The top 25 winners by Team Choice and vetting are to become a playable “Alchemist.

Of these 25, 3 have been released so far. The scarcity decrease for each Alchemist as they are released, generally doubling the scarcity of the previous Alchemist. Elbeau (as seen above) was the #1st place winner, and thus the first release and the scarcest Alchemist to ever exist at just 25 copies printed (and I think 24 in circulation).

From there, we introduced “Blood Sorcerer” at just 50 (double the scarcity of Elbeau) copies, which were minted with quite the swiftness. Players are required to play X amount of off-chain battles, and then mint their Alchemist hoping they got in, in time. This utilizes the Forge as well, costing small amounts of gas to on-chain.

As you can see, what makes each Alchemist unique, is not so much the art, but the unique base stats.

Elbeau has a 10/5 base stat.

While Blood Sorcerer has 7/8 base.

This is useful because you can attack/defend with them, and you can level them up. That means Elbeau has a 3 point higher defense than Blood Sorcerer, while Blood Sorcerer has a 3 point higher attack cap. Oddly, that attack cap may be more impactful, making Blood Sorcerer more effective at max level than Elbeau!!

Our third Alchemist, “Adelard”, was supposed to have double the scarcity of it’s predecessor. However, the minting process encountered a bug reported by our community. Luckily, not many people were aware and did not partake in the bug, and only a few more than expected had made it to the minting process before the Forge was turned off until further notice (preceeding our hibernation).

Adelard has a 9/6 breakdown, making him a close replacement for Elbeau for those who were not able to acquire him during the distribution time.

However the Alchemists are not only about the base Shield and Damage stats. Notice the abilities they have. Elbeau has a “Balanced” magick — whilst Adelard is White leaning (which means he may impact the distribution of magicks towards white more. On rare occasions, say if a white deck is put together, this can be an advantage, but otherwise may disrupt the deck’s magick balance unlike with Elbeau that has a balanced or neutral impact. Currently this impact on Magick production has not been implemented but is one to watch out for in the future.

~22/25 Alchemist Winners (Missing Elbeau and a couple others)

Returning to the issue of over minting the Adelard Alchemist cards — we would like to take a moment to announce that our dev team has “fixed” the broken contract interaction, and Alchemist distribution (and minting) will be recommencing! This is important because, even though you have a generically assigned Alchemist ingame — its not yours to own, and level up. By reinitializing distribution, new (and old) players alike will have an opportunity to battle for and acquire their very own Alchemist NFT from the new lineups!

This will be part of the initial re-release of the Forge. It is only fair that new and old players alike have a fair opportunity to own their own Alchemist without having to rely on the p2p market, as these will continue to be freshly minted (1 per account).

The next Alchemist to be printed will likely have a 200 max print. We will make sure to announce ahead of time for when an Alchemist will be distributed, as to give everyone a fair chance to get their 100 battles in to get their Alchemist 4th Edition minted.

Survivor Cards have received some due attention as of late as well! Survivors were released after Genesis as our free-to-play option, but before our most recent set (Awakening) and provides a unique balance between play sets.

Survivors in the traditional sense operate in the following manner; when a player arrives at the GAME when first setting up your account (or anytime thereafter), you can claim 3x free packs of 10x survivor cards. These cards then can be normally played 100 times and then pay a small gas fee to “on-chain” them (effectively becoming a tradeable, listable NFT). Once the Forge is back up, we will once again be able to mint Survivors.

While discussing this with both the Team and the Community — we discovered that a unique desire/need to differentiate cards minted prior to 2020 from those in 2021 and beyond. We have decided to review and potentially implement a Date Stamp that will provide a unique identifier on the card border to help identify both Set (Genesis, Awakening, Survivor etc.) and Year minted. We believe this is the best way to approach this topic, and can help new arrivals identify which card is from which set and year visually, without having to check metadata.

We would like to also take a moment out, and just thank our community, OG’s and Newly Arrived Warlords. Without you both, this would not have been possible. Seeing a Mythicat sell for $11k USD is just otherworldly, and something I doubt any of us ever expected.

Besides seeing 571 assets sell in less than 30 days time, here are our current stats on Opensea:

(Don’t Mind the floor price) Certain low end cards get sold well under the floor of the other sets. You can check out Twitter and see a semi regular schedule of floors based on each edition.

Last, but definitely not leastly — we want to share with you some images of the recently sold Mythicats!! These were the top four returns, and as you can see, visually dynamic choices for these sales exist:

We absolutely love that Pirate Kitty, but Crystals win the day! We can’t say for certain, but the two on the right would potentially have a very rare, potentially even a Genesis Cryptokitty as the underlying NFT.

Soon, the Mythereum Roadmap draft article will be released. A few things that you can look forward to is: A new Edition release, several Mythi-X Editions (similar to Mythicats but with Modern Blue Chip Collections for round 2), Forge Updates, Layer 2 Adoption, GameFi dynamics, MythereumDAO development, and much, much more.

For now, I leave you with this information and a humble thank you to all who have stuck through the years with us, and our newest friends!!!


Yespa & The Team




The Fantastically Distributed Trading Card Game

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