Mythicats — CryptoKitties on Mythereum

If you’ve been watching the blockchain games scene, it’s hard not to have noticed games like Zombie Battlegrounds and Gods Unchained. But did you know that there has been a blockchain TCG that anyone can play right now, without waiting… for free?

Mythereum was the first live blockchain TCG with totally original gameplay (e.g. it’s not just another Hearthstone clone), and it’s totally free to play. In fact, people with zero knowledge of blockchain can play without worrying about having an Ethereum wallet (which can be on-boarded later, whenever they are ready).

You can claim a few packs of our F2P Survivor Edition on our sidechain instantly and then push them to the Ethereum mainnet once you’ve played 100 games, or purchase a pack of powerful cards if you want to get your hands on limited edition assets. Mythereum was designed from the ground up for balance to ensure that all cards are valuable and competitive. In other words, it’s not your average pay-to-win game but rather one that is truly skill-based.

We’ve poured our souls, a lot of thought and no small amount of effort into Mythereum to reach this point: our game has been live on the blockchain since February 2018, and we have deliberately kept it low-key while we tested and experimented with our loyal beta testers. (Thanks guys!)

Some stats on play to date:

  • Over 5,200 Cards Sold (+ tens of thousands of free cards claimed)
  • Over 3,000 Unique Beta Players
  • Nearly 50,000 Battles Fought

Today we’re excited to announce something new. Something special.

We all know that one of the core concepts behind NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) assets is that people truly own the game assets they acquire. But so far there has been very little seen of another special aspect of NFTs: the ability to take assets that they bought for one game and use them in another totally unrelated context.

There have been some early efforts like Kitty Battles, but today we are launching our new Mythicats Edition which allows owners of CryptoKitties to bring their kitties into the world of Mythereum as first-class trading cards. We see this as a simple demonstration, one meant to showcase how your NFTs are really at the center of a broader blockchain gaming universe (not just a specific game).

The Mythicats Edition 😸

Starting now, anyone who owns a CryptoKitty will be able to forge a new, totally unique Mythicat that can battle alongside traditional Mythereum cards.

An example of a Mythicat forged from CryptoKitty #500916

Build decks, battle other players on the battlegrounds, win tournaments, build your own stronghold, join and create alliances, collect and trade cards, and earn Mythex and Ether along the way!

When a Mythicat is forged from a CryptoKitty, we analyze its DNA and other characteristics to determine is stats and abilities. Generally speaking, kitties with faster cooldowns and lower generations will have better stats, but the real value comes from your kitty’s cattributes.

If you have a kitty or two, go try it right now and forge your own Mythicats at If you don’t have enough kitties to build a complete deck, simply claim a few totally free packs of Survivor Edition cards to build out your army.

Your Mythicats will live on our private sidechain until they’ve played 100 games, at which point we’ll push them to your wallet on Ethereum mainnet automatically.

We will be waiting for you on the battlegrounds to help you tune your deck!

The World of Mythereum

Mythereum is not just a game. It’s a whole new exciting universe. In conjunction with the launch of Mythicats we are publishing the second revision of the first book in the Mythereum Trilogy (coming soon to Amazon Kindle).

The latest draft can be downloaded free of charge in our Story and Lore section. We encourage players to create their own lore for the decks they build. Your stories may even be adopted by community agreement as part of the greater Mythereum universe!

Anyone can earn valuable rewards like our Proof-of-Play token, Mythex, or even Ether… simply by playing! These rewards can then be used to upgrade cards, making them more powerful and potentially more valuable in the open market. The rewards can also be sold for ether to other players. Numerous players have already earned ether by entering our free-to-enter tournaments, with their free-to-play cards. Tournaments will be launched regularly with ETH and Mythex prizes funded by the team and from card sales.

Join Mythereum on Discord to learn more and connect with players from around the world!