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So, you want to be a Warlord?


Welcome to an introductory guide designed to awaken your abilities to become a grand master of Mythereum, from a first time player perspective. First and foremost, the focus will be on the “how-to” more than the meta game aspects, so please keep this in mind, as this is a new player friendly guide!

Getting Your Collection Started

  1. When arriving at our site (Mythereum) your first 10 free Survivor cards will be automatically claimed. You can claim an additional 20 free Survivor cards for free. These will be how you start to play the game and get familiar with battle mechanics.
  2. If you have ETH you can also make some smart buys, and I highly suggest you do, although it is not required, as Mythereum is a free-to-play, proof-of-play and a play to earn game. However ETH will empower you to have even more fun and enjoy the collectibles side of things. With ETH you can buy cards or packs of various special editions. For example the latest card set (Awakening) on the Mythereum site itself or additional cards in single form of your choice over at (OpenSea). OpenSea is a NFT exchange site, and you can even get some of Mythereum’s Founder cards for bargain prices right now! (Genesis).
  3. Hold your horses, before you go on a buying spree, let me share some of my knowledge and experience with you, so that you can make the best choices early on! A very effective and cost-efficient strategy is to get CryptoKitties for very cheap, and then bring them to the Mythereum Forge, where you can turn them in Cats that you can battle with — MythiCats! (Guide here: )

With that being said, let’s focus on how the game works — inside and out.

Here is the breakdown of a card, with the new graphic update:

Card Stats — Updated
  1. Name: Tiger — This will always be found at the very top of the card, Did not highlight it.
  2. Class: Animal — (Orange Circle)This is where the current “Class” of the card will be listed. This is used for a variety of activities, such as class limited tournaments etc.
  3. Health Points: 28 — (Green Diamond-Top) This is how many health points the card has. When reduced to zero, the card effectively “dies” and is discarded.
  4. Attack Points: 50 — (Blue Diamond-Top) This is how many attack points the card has. This is used when in the “leader” position during an attack phase. it will reduce opponent’s health point son cards, or directly reduce the opposing player’s health, if there is no defense.
  5. Rarity Gem: Topaz — (Maroon Star-Lower Left) This is the vanity visual rarity Gem (Guide HERE). Right now, this just shows how rare the card is in comparison to other cards within the same set. Added functionality is expected in the future for these gemstones. (Determined by how many have been printed overall, and is updated weekly as live card minting can change rarity ranking)
  6. Level: 3 — (Yellow Hexagon-Lower Right) This is a combined value of how many upgrades the card has had from MX infusion to health points and/or attack points. This card has had 1 defense upgrade and 2 assault upgrades, totaling 3! The maximum value is 30 in each side, totaling 60.
  7. Magick Cost: 2 Grey 1 White — (Red Square-Bottom) This is the activation cost of the ability just above it in red. This requires that you pay 2 grey Magicks AND 1 white Magick to activate the ability.
  8. Ability Name: Maul (Red Hex) This is the name of the activated ability.
  9. Ability Value Text: 80 Damage (Red Hex Lower Mid) This is the written out value of what the activated ability does when paid. *Special Note* Activating an ability happens automatically once you have enough magick and it is the proper turn.
  10. Ability Bonus values: 0|80 (Green Diamond|Blue Diamond) This is the bonus addition of statistical values when activating an ability. In the above case, Tiger gains an additional 80 attack points when attacking.

Additionally, with the above image, there is the new “Card Explorer” section, on the right side.

  1. In the center, we see “Magick Score”. This is the de-facto numerical representation of how much Magick Production per turn this card produces per turn contribution to the overall deck average. So if say another card produced 3.3 Magick and was in a deck with this one, the average would be 2.8 Magick per turn. That would still only produce 2 per turn (need solid numbers). More on this in other articles, so keep your eyes peeled!
  2. Power Score is an overall average of how useful the card is, in reference to other cards in the game. When facing an opponent, you can see their average deck power score, each card contributes to this. Generally the higher the power score, the lower the health of a player as well. This creates a sort of balance, in that if a player can defeat many of an opponents cards with theirs, they should have less HP overall to give an opponent a chance at wining via hp reduction.
  3. Battle Count has recently been added. This shows how many fights this specific card has been used in. In this case, this Tiger has been used in 12 battles. As far as I know, this is since the card was minted regardless of owner. This has no impact on the game itself and is purely informational.
  4. Below here, is the section about upgrading. Each upgrade costs 32 MX, plus the cost of all previous upgrades of that type. So if you want to go to a fifth upgrade, take the cost of the fourth (128) and add 32 to it, this would total 160 MX for a fifth upgrade. Upgrade costs are separate by category — so if you upgrade defense 5 times, the costs of upgrading attack are 32+previous levels of attack only. below is the cost for 30 upgrades (max per category).
MX Upgrade Costs — Thanks Topper!

Yes- That means to absolutely cap a cards power and health, 30k MX (yes, 30,000 Mythex) is needed! That is not necessarily an impossible number, but by general playing standards, players accrue 100–200 MX per day at most, unless you are a power player. At that rate, an average player, if dedicated, would only max 1 card per year, and would be quite the feat.

Now this guide is to assist you in becoming the best warlord you can. Understanding the basic mechanics of a card is integral to playing, but this is just the starting point. We have some basic assumptions here, such as that you have already learned how to use the basic interface of the game, and that you have read most if not all the introductory articles produced prior to this one.

Just in case, here is a checklist of things to do to get started:

  1. Claim Survivor Cards, potentially acquire Awakening|Genesis|Mythicats,
  2. Join the Official Discord HERE(exceptional community and optional but useful interactions including trades, given it is a collectible TRADING card game!),
  3. Set up your Raid Defense and offense teams,
  4. Build up your Vault,
  5. Setup and build your Mines,
  6. Learn how to Raid, and how to discern who is a good or bad target,
  7. Get involved in Alliances,
  8. Master the Deck Builder,
  9. Play in tournaments (and Win prizes!),
  10. Keep your eyes peeled for special promotional events!

With these ten tips and strategies mentioned above — you will be well on your way to becoming Mythereum’s next Great Warlord! Good luck, and looking forward to seeing you on the battlefield!



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