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This guide is a “How-to” guide on Mythereum. Consider it a 101, with several insights to help you get a head start against the competition. Mythereum is a blockchain, decentralized Collectible Trading Card Game on the Ethereum Network, that incorporates various MMORPG, Turn Based Strategy, and Tower Defense-esque game styles into one!

Mythereum is currently in it’s open beta period, allowing anyone to play, and when encountering bugs, reporting them so they can be fixed! Expect some errors throughout your gameplay experience, but the game is free to play friendly and allows alot of fun and access, and an opportunity to play and build ahead of other players who will arrive post beta period.


Above you can see several clickable options and sections. Along the left side are your links to free (Survivor) and purchasable (Awakening) Card sets. Awakening cards are on a fixed scale, and each pack purchased, increases the next pack cost until all cards in that set are sold. Currently Awakening is a 50,000 card set, with a current index of .126 ETH.

  1. Heroes: This is the section that will take you to your card and deck interface, which we reviewed here.
  2. Battlegrounds: This is the area where you will your primary battling activities, such as your current, previous and future battle history, and most importantly, your tournament access panel.
  3. Strongholds: This is an area that will be greatly expanded upon in the coming future. For now, you can build your buildings, collect and buy/sell resources, join guilds, and raid other players! Some basic knowledge can be found here.
  4. The Forge: This is where you can convert off-chain assets (NFT’s) into playable cards. Currently Cryptokitties and Survivor Freebie cards can be forged through this interface. Expect many great things to come from here in the future! A great starter guide can be found here!
  5. Marketplace: Currently under development, this is a direct interface with OpenSea marketplace where you can list your cards, and purchase cards directly listed by other players. For now head to the opensea mythereum page listed here.
  6. Information: This tab is EXCELLENT for new and veteran players. It has the tutorial walkthrough here, as well as a master list visual guide to every card released thus far, including Genesis. The story and lore is listed here and on the official Mythereum Discord, as well as a link to the official blog.

In our previous article, we covered the stronghold briefly, in the War Room. Today, we will cover the area that most players will spend some of their resources on, the production and commerce sectors of the stronghold.

In the section highlighted above, we have what can be considered the most important area of the game. This is your Production corner, a place where your buildings currently exist in text format, and where you generate all your resources such as MX, Gold, and the 6 prime resources (Stone, Iron, Crop, Clay, Wood and Meat), all of which are listed at the top of the screen under production tab highlights in the “Warehouse”.

Each building has to be claimed initially for it to begin production, so check this tab asap when you first join the game and claim. This way you will be generating resources from the very first day you started playing.

Protip: Each rank of a building costs 5x the Level you are going to. So for me to go rank 7 on any building as seen above, it will cost me 35 of each of the resources listed as requirements (5x7).

These resources are ultimately important for two reasons:

  1. They ultimately provide the resources needed to upgrade the MX mine, which when maxxed, produces 10 MX a day, very useful!
  2. They also can upgrade the Gold Mine, which is used in the marketplace and will have additional functionality added to.

MX is super important because it can be used to enter tournaments, upgrade cards, purchase cards on the market(s), and to enter raffles for DAI, ETH and more!

One last note: Your buildings produce 1 resource of its given type per level, however you have to have an equivalent amount of 10x that level in your player MX bank! This is why raiding is scary, because people could technically lower your daily production rates if they take too many MX away, so get those decks setup for top notch defense!

This means, If I have a lv7 MX mine, a Lv5 Gold Mine, a Lv 3 Meat factory and a lv4 Lumberyard, I would need to have 70 MX in my player bank (not on-chain) to gain full production from all! If my MX amount on hand were to drop to say 45, my MX would only produce 4.5MX per day, the same for gold, but my meat and wood production would cap at 4 per day, since their level is not higher than 40!

Well that’s it for the basic introduction to your stronghold, look forward to more insightful updates on how to play Mythereum, and get ahead of the game! Check out the official Mythereum Discord here, and feel free to say hey!



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