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Submit to Mythic Writes!

Now open to new and established writers

Photo by Daniel Pelaez Duque on Unsplash

We are looking for interesting nonfiction essays, academic, and creative work related to mythology, religion, spirituality, Jungian and archetypal depth psychology.

Draft stories are preferred to previously published ones. But previously published will be considered.

You may submit your story behind the Medium pay-wall or open if you prefer.

Please add a nice cover image that you either have the rights to or that is licensed under Creative Commons. You can do this right from the Medium editor with the magnifying glass icon after you click the Plus symbol, which is the Unsplash search function. Please include the photographer's credit as in the image for this post.

If your story is an essay or nonfiction, please use the tag: nonfiction for one of your 5 tags.

If your story is a creative piece, please use the tag: creativity for one of your 5 tags.

Please send your Medium profile name (starts with “@”), and a link to your story to:

If your story is accepted, you’ll be added as a writer to the publication. From then on, you will be able to submit directly through Medium and will see Mythic Writes among the publications you can submit to. To submit, open your story in Edit mode and click the three dots next to your profile pic. Select ‘add to the publication.’ You will see Mythic Writes as an option.

Even if you are added as a writer, your subsequent story submissions are always subject to possible rejection if the subject or quality does not match our publication.

We look forward to working with you and reading your stories!



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