101 of Psychosis

Charlie Beaumont
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3 min readJul 24, 2020

For all those psychotics out there, this is one for you.

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So just had another episode, or this may be your first. It's time to take a step back, the first thing you need to know don't dwell on the past. Yeah, you painted the walls with mayonnaise and you walked into the Olive Garden thinking you're famous or maybe you had a horrible time and everything that you stood for got shaken into another world. After all, you weren’t in reality.

Here is a bit of history for you, back in the Victorian times, Psychiatrist were called alienist because they thought mental illness had alienated you from yourself.

In the spirit of keeping things historical, Your Psychosis wasn't you, it was your alien. You didn't do that your alien did that. You have to come to terms with the fact that you cannot change being mentally ill. The disorder exists within you. It has done and it will always be there in some way or another.

Psychosis isn't a personality disorder, You can't have therapy for this, Anxiety you just take medication but for people with psychosis or psychotics medication doesn't always work and sometimes it doesn't work in time.

Recognise the signs and symptoms

It's always good to recognise that it is coming, for example, mine is the feeling of the brain or what I call the ‘mist’. It's always good to acknowledge these things and sometimes you know it's coming and that's the worst part because you can't do much about it. Even the medication doesn't always work in time. I have brief psychotic disorder, which is a type of Schizophrenia. I tell my friends around me and the people that love me the second sign, which is dreams or a delusion that I call ‘Boo’. This helps normalise it to them and it helps to understand when I talk about Boo and all these other things that are odd. That they have some comprehension that they can help even if it is just getting me the help I need at that point in time.

Blaming the Alien and not myself

Okay, I do embarrassing things in my episodes. But that wasn't me that was my alien. Because at that point in time I didn't meet the criteria to be to capably understand what I was doing. In fact, I wasn't in your world I was in my own world. And that wasn't me that did all these things, in your world, it was the alien.

What I'm trying to explain is you can't blame yourself for your actions when you're not mentally there. You're too ill to be there. Your actions and not of your own. I've lost friends over being unwell, and that really hurts because I love those people but the alien push them away and I have no control over what the alien does. I have control over recognising that alien and I can prevent the alien from showing up, by taking my medication and looking after myself.

Charlie Beaumont
Mythical Tales

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