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Release 0.1.0 is here

This is the first feature that will allow you to have maximum visibility over how your data is used

Hello Tiki Tribe! This has been an exciting week as we begin rolling out features from our product roadmap! First up —Gmail integration:

Why we’re starting with Gmail…

Most everyday email users (specifically Gmail users in this case) do not know how critical their email is to privacy and data security. Any app you sign up for, anything you buy online, or anything you subscribe to uses your email address. Big tech companies such as Google use your email data, including everything you’ve ever written (yes, you read that right) and your preferences to get to know you and analyze your behaviours. This data is super valuable as it can be sold to advertisers and used for ads personalization.

Read the full story on why we’re starting with Gmail

What’s in this release?

This update from TIKI allows you to link your Gmail account and see all the data that they have on you, with links to where you can turn this off. Gmail collects a lot of data on you, including the contents of your emails!

What’s coming next?

Next, we’re working on exciting new features allowing you to see more information from the companies that might be spamming you, or simply sending you lots of emails that you don’t really open… Expect more news and prototypes on this soon, as we are working faster than ever to get the product up and running.

Stay tuned for more!

We are so excited to share these news! The best part of this announcement is that this is the beginning of a set of features that give you transparency of how your data is used by various apps. This just the first step of taking ownership and control over YOUR data. We’re starting the revolution today!

As always, we want to hear your feedback as TIKI is an app for USERS. Please test out these features and share your thoughts on Discord, Telegram or Signal or our social channels. Let us know what you think so we can continue to make the best product for you!

Keep following us…

As we always aim to be as transparent as possible, we have three website channels in total for you to see what we’re building now and in the future. Each serves a different purpose and has a different view of our product development cycle — from a topline view to a super detailed technical level.

Our three channels to see all product development:

  1. Feedback & feature requests — easily leave a comment on our feedback channel [Big picture view] |

2. Product roadmap — check what we’re building in the upcoming months [Mid level view] |

3. Github releases — check daily dev progress [Micro view, technical] |

As for the big picture of where we are going, check Mike’s article here about our grand vision and expect more updates and prototypes from me soon.

All yours,
the TIKI team

If you have any questions, you can always chat to us directly in our community channels Discord, Telegram or Signal. And please sign up at
We are building an app FOR USERS, BY USERS. We want to be in communication with you in order to build the best app possible!




It’s simple: your data is yours. No longer will confusing privacy policies trick us into complacency. With TIKI, see what data you share online and make informed decisions on who else can see it. Best of all, if you choose to share, we make sure you get PAID.

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