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TIKI Investor Brief — Feb. ‘21

Users are signing up far faster than anticipated. In response to the demand, here’s our game plan and why to move even faster.


Massive markets, like the $80B/yr. mobile digital advertising market, have been up-ended. The business models that have propelled companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon to trillions, are in question. In all this change, chaos, and yes, the worst word of them all disruption. There is a massive opportunity to create something special by putting users first, giving them control of their data.


We’re creating a data market where users sell their data direct to companies.


Let’s walk thru a simple example:

Say all of your data in 2020 was worth $1 (obviously, very low).

Are there 1,000 business out of 30M that would pay $1 + a $0.10 transaction fee (10%) to purchase your data? Almost certainly.

$1 x 1,000 companies = $1,000 of revenue for you the user.
$1,000 * $0.10 transaction fee = $100 of revenue for TIKI.


The key to success is straightforward, get as many users as fast as possible and stay committed to user-centricity, trust, and transparency.


Starting in Jan ’21, this resulted in 4,000 signups and we’re projecting to cross 10,000 by end of Feb ‘21.

See our site analytics for yourself:

Our current CAC is $0.60. It’s extremely low and a testament to how excited users are all over the world. We’re acquiring users faster than we could have imagined.

With just 1,066 responses, you can accurately predict 1M people (95% confidence, 3% error).

The plan is 100 companies pre-registered by the end of March ‘21.


Key milestone timeline (

We should accelerate. At our current burn rate of $4k/month we’ll hit 50k users in September. With $30k we could get there in March, with $600k we could get to 1 million users by the end of the year.



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It's your data, and it’s worth thousands. Take back control and get paid.