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Our Story — MyTVchain 2.0

Come as a fan, become a sponsor.

Introducing MyTVchain 2.0 to the world

1) The Sports Economy for the meta generation

A next generation sports platform that brings fans, athletes and sports clubs closer than ever before. We are thrilled to announce MyTVchain 2.0 to the world and the Defi community.

2) Introducing the new Sport Ecosystem: MYTVCHAIN 2.0

MyTVchain is a decentralized and virtuous ecosystem that links fans and athletes back at the center of the sports industry.


MyTVchain is a first-of-its-kind blockchain-based sports ecosystem that allows supporters to:

Collect ultra-rare legendary NFTs of your favourite athletes
Watch live telecasts of their competitions live on our OTT Web TV
Support them by anticipating and sharing their performances while earning tokens in a decentralized finance ecosystem.


MyTVchain is the first blockchain platform based on a ‘freemium’ model which empowers athletes to own and monetize their content, generate additional income while engaging with their fans without intermediaries through a digital experience that includes an NFT Marketplace, a live streaming platform with your favourite sports clubs, online gaming and Defi services — all under one ecosystem.

3) We don’t JUST improve the sports ecosystem

We create a brand new one which is more equal.

It is the only place where you can simultaneously collect Legendary NFT of superstar athletes, watch the most thrilling sports competitions, play challenges and games, support athletes and earn rewards.

Here is how we make it possible:

a) An NFT marketplace

We’re developing an NFT marketplace with a state-of-the-art design that offers a wholesome experience for sports fans and NFT enthusiasts, who can purchase and collect NFT cards, participate in games and challenges while supporting their favourite Olympic superstar athletes.

Our marketplace establishes a new and more intimate link between the fan and the athlete, by giving athletes the unique opportunity to increase their reputation and generate additional revenue from the sale of their top-designed NFT card collections.

Each card is unique. Depending on your athlete’s performance and the rarity of your card, you will earn more rewards.

Join as a fan, become a sponsor: 4% of each transaction made on the marketplace goes directly to the athletes whose collection is featured, ensuring recurring passive incomes.

b) Web TVs for Sports

Our solution is based on a freemium model that allows each sport’s actor to be part of the adventure, to own and monetize their content, interact and listen to their communities, without intermediaries. In just 4 years, we have onboarded with more than 850 sports clubs and officially partnered with the French National Olympic Sports Committee to broadcast and promote over 80 sports to 5 million viewers:

c) Easy access to DeFi

You have access, in two clicks, to a Staking and Farming platform that allows holders of the native $MYTV token to generate passive income.

The user experience is central to our work. Our goal is to offer our users the most comfortable and intuitive experience possible.

d) NFT, WebTV and DeFi. Supported by the MYTV token

The MYTV token is a utility token based on the Binance Smart Chain (standard BEP-20) with a 390.000.000 tokens total supply. At launch, 71% of this total supply is locked on a governed smart contract. Locked tokens are progressively released to reward users through the MyTVchain ecosystem (staking/farming, Web TV’s micro-rewards)

The $MYTV tokenomics makes use of a deflationary mechanism to help sustain the value of the $MYTV token over time and ensure its stability

A low percentage of each transaction will be burnt to reduce the $MYTV circulating supply.

4) Fan2Earn: earning money from living your passion

The bigger the passion, the greater the gain.

As pioneers in what we do, we asked ourselves, “why stop at Play2Earn?’. We have crafted a unique and personal way of supporting your favourite sports personalities and clubs in a way that lets you get your skin in the game: ‘the Fan2Earn’.



● It all starts with your first collectable pack of cards. Buy a pack, open it, discover your champions, check the rarity of your card, and enter the MyTVchain universe.

● Discover unique interactive NFT cards of your favourite young athletes, world champions and Olympic legends from all over the world in more than 50 disciplines

Look for ultra-rare Legendary cards of superstar athletes with VFX signatures, special badges and backgrounds that are designed by our extremely talented sports graphic design teams. The cards you hold increase in value with each performance of the Athletes in your Deck.

● Users can also redeem their cards on a secondary market (specific attribute, higher level of rarity, etc.) with other true fans to participate in exciting challenges and earn rewards, tokens, and memorabilia.

● The marketplace’s trading volumes will directly influence the income that athletes receive. Thus allowing buyers and resellers of NFT to actively contribute to the income received by athletes and therefore support their sporting career. The users’ rewards can increase by staking/lending, predicting their athletes’ performance, participating in giveaways and exciting competitions.

● Bet on your favourite athletes’ performances. Play your cards. Earn tokens and more when your athletes perform well. When THEY WIN, YOU WIN.



● Earn rewards by watching any type of sport competition on our Web TV platform. My chain offers collective sports (i.e. handball, football, rugby) and individual sports (i.e. billiards, table tennis, badminton), combat/martial arts etc. The community chooses the content and creates value.

● Play with your NFT and earn even more rewards as your athlete performs.

● Watch historic moments, react, and share with all your friends on your social media platforms. Earn rewards for every video shared. Make your champion shine.

● Federations, clubs and sports broadcasters of all kinds can create white label Web TVs, on a ‘freemium’ model, from what they own and how they monetize their content, interact and look after their communities.

● The lenses of the entire sports industry — from cameras on a pitch to a user’s smartphone — are brought together under one umbrella, on a secure, user-friendly and interactive platform. Every actor has a place on MyTVchain.



● Support your favourite athletes and clubs by buying and collecting their NFTs on our marketplace. Thanks to you, with the money they earn, they can better prepare for their competitions, win titles, and your cards increase in value.

● You can donate some of your tokens to your champions and buy exclusive services (“one-on-ones” with your favourite athletes, signed jerseys, etc.) to support them.

5) We have a team of champions

We deliver fast. We have the expertise and legitimacy to carry out our vision

‘‘MyTVchain is a French startup founded by Corneliu, an expert in OTT technologies, and a former employee of Al Jazeera, M6 and France Télévisions; and also by Junior Bouis, a former top athlete. The world of blockchain brought these two together. Three different worlds, but the same values ​​and a common vision.’’

MyTVchain has a team of focused and driven developers with immense experience in the sports, marketing, business development and blockchain industry. Our Sports Culture is deeply rooted in our values ​​and our way of working.

Our team is made up of complementary skills and high-level profiles within different disciplines: Blockchain / NFT / OTT / SPORT

We deliver our promises quickly, and our ambition grows year after year.

6) Partners and backers

Fuchs Sports
A major player in the media and digitalization of sports at the international level, they have the N2 and N3 Football

Ligue Nationale de Handball
French National League of Handball

Sport En France
French television channel of the French National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSF).

Fédération française de gymnastique
French Gymnastic Federation

Japanese multinational electronics company.

AS Monaco Football Féminin
Women’s soccer club of Monaco

Blockchain specialized media that covers 4 languages and gather +1M monthly lectors

Biggest French blockchain youtuber, owner of several blockchain businesses

Experts in cryptocurrencies and blockchain, they offer staking services and, more generally, securitization and validation

HEC’s blockchain association, they organize AMA conference to discover and challenge blockchain projects

Blockchain consulting French leader, they design and implement Blockchain solutions to improve operational performance and create value in ecosystems

The Blox
The Blox’s mission is to help the most promising blockchain entrepreneurs and projects by providing founders with resources, support and connections to succeed at every level.

EiC Corporation
Non-profit organization & second biggest Do-Tank of the African diaspora, EiC provide a credible and sustainable financing alternative for Africa’s development

House of Chimera
House of Chimera is a blockchain research and advisory firm, delivering high-quality research papers for cryptocurrency ventures and investors. They have worked along with multiple ambitious cryptocurrency projects, such as Reserve Protocol, Syscoin, Zilliqa, XCAD Network and Polygon Network.

Comité national olympique et sportif Français
French National Olympic and Sports Committee

GSR Ventures
One of the world’s most successful early-stage venture firms, with over $3 billion under management, one of the first Ripple investors

BSC France
French Binance Smart Chain Telegram Group with +6600 members, they organize AMA with blockchain projects

7) Join the race

Our roadmap for the months and years to come

Our roadmap is not just milestones, it’s a mindset. We are on a mission to build tomorrow’s biggest sports ecosystem.

If you want to know more about the roadmap, visit:

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