Samsung Relaunch Foldable Phone In Indian Market

With the U.S.-China trade war ongoing, phone makers Apple, Samsung, and Huawei battle it out for the fastest-growing population on Earth: India.

Jamie Adams
Oct 1 · 2 min read

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The first Samsung foldable phone (not flippable, big difference) is expected to be launched in the Indian market today around 12 PM, as the company seeks to grab a substantial market share in the subcontinent.

Samsung Electronics, like Apple, has been struggling to take control of the Indian market following the success of cheaper Chinese phone competitors, OnePlus and Huawei. The Samsung Galaxy Fold is a unique mobile device, which has a foldable split-screen, and no fewer than SIX cameras.

The Indian market is a growing one, and with Samsung’s stock price flatlining in recent months, a big win here may be the boost that is needed to increase its stock performance.

Apple’s Indian Strategy

Another company which has struggled the most in the Indian market, is Apple. With increased pressure from the trade war, Apple has been forced to increase its efforts in India. Traditionally, the company does not fare well in India due to its high prices and high import duties, losing out to Samsung, Huawei and OnePlus in sales.

However, Apple’s struggles in India have somewhat subsided in recent months, with the opening of its first retail store in Mumbai, India’s commercial hub, and a mass production facility opening in Chennai. The opening of the store coincided with the launch of its new range of products, which may be the first step in a long-term strategy there.

Apple’s stock price is on the rise in recent weeks, and if it manages to break the Indian market with its new iPhone 11 range, it may just be able to outpace Samsung in the world’s fastest-growing smartphone market.

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