Our new Extended Service Plan (ESP)

Jeffrey Wang
Mar 18, 2018 · 2 min read

For many years, MyWikis has welcomed new wiki users and introduced them to the powerful and versatile MediaWiki software that powers their wikis. MediaWiki is for both newbies and seasoned professionals—it’s easy enough for anyone to use, yet contains features necessary to run the world’s most complex wiki, Wikipedia. Our customers vary in each of their use cases, and fit in different places on MediaWiki’s expertise spectrum. We believe our brand now Extended Service Plan (ESP) will help our customers who are starting out with MediaWiki and want to utilize the more powerful features of MediaWiki, but need guidance. Thankfully, we are here to help!

ESP complements our standard technical support that we offer to all clients. It doesn’t take away any aspects of support that we previously offered complimentary with a wiki plan. In fact, ESP is a new set of support services that we have never offered before that will further improve the experience of many of our clients who are using MediaWiki for their first time.

Included with all plans:

  • Standard website technical support
  • Emergency issue resolution (when something breaks on our end)
  • Installation of extensions
  • Configuration of wiki settings that cannot be done by editing the wiki (i.e. LocalSettings.php configuration)
  • Wiki software maintenance
  • Complimentary content import
  • …and other technical support of this nature.

Extended service plan only:

  • Step-by-step guidance on using features in MediaWiki
  • Configuration of wiki settings by editing a page in the wiki (i.e. pages in the MediaWiki namespace) or through a special page
  • Configuration of wiki scripts and styling (JavaScript and CSS)
  • Import of templates
  • Custom skins (to a certain extent — we do not create custom designs, but can help implement preexisting small-scale designs)
  • …and other tutorial assistance with using the MediaWiki software.

Even though ESP adds a multitude of support services that we have not previously had, it should not detract from the quality of support that other clients receive because not everyone needs ESP. We believe the ESP will further improve the wiki experience for our newest clients while maintaining the same great customer support experience of our established clients.

ESP will only be $20 for three months of coverage. Clients who order ESP can get as much help as they need from our customer support specialists, who will guide them through every step and help them master the intricacies of the MediaWiki software.

We’re excited to start offering ESP soon! Our customer support specialists are currently being trained on additional ESP support to ensure maximal efficiency of support. We hope to begin offering ESP in the coming months, with May or June as our likely rollout period.


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    News center for MyWikis, the top-class, premium customized wiki host.

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