Platform migration

In the past few months, we have begun hosting wikis on a new platform that affords your wiki with faster speeds and less downtime. We are happy to say that this new platform has matured and we will now be migrating all wikis on our older platform to this new platform. We have outgrown our older platform to the point that it no longer delivers the results we want it to deliver.

The way to differentiate between being on the old vs. the new platform is to see what domain your wiki is on. If your wiki’s subdomain ends with “” or “”, you are still on our old platform. However, wikis with subdomains ending with “” are on our new platform.

If your wiki has previously experienced or currently experiences downtime, you are eligible for an expedited migration to our new platform. Simply contact us through TSS and we’d be more than happy to help you.

Over time, we will be seamlessly migrating wikis still on our older platform to our new platform. Our goal is to eventually move every wiki from our older platform to our new platform.

All new wikis will automatically be created on our new platform.

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