Goa has many faces. The party town, the culture hub, the luxury nest and the adventure haven. More often than not, lately, Goa attracts the discerning traveller; hauling scooter rides to rustic areas, undefined roads and exotic secret finds. Whether it is food, marine life or peace, Goa gives you a piece of each. And undoubtedly, in the best way.

With its colonial architecture, small villages, pristine beaches, towering waterfalls, and believe it or not, exciting bird sanctuaries, there is so much to see in Goa. Take a day at the beach, or a cruise along one of the inner…


A recovery, they say can take just a few days, or years — depending on the damage. This year has been a rollercoaster for us all, whether we are business-owners, salary-earners or service providers; financial losses, emotional losses, physical losses. Trauma of unthinkable magnitudes for some, and businesses shutting down for others.

Did you think of the hospitality industry in all this? The travel industry, for one, is one of the main damage-receivers during COVID-19 — whether it is travel agencies, airlines, hotels and on-ground service providers; many shut down, many hustling for loans to stay afloat. …

Bali, An Idyllic Journey

Picturesque beaches, tranquil tropics and some of the world’s best marine biodiversity, and of course, a thrilling, yet calming ambiance — yes, Bali is what I’m describing to you. Whether it is a laid-back atmosphere in Kuta, a power-packed weekend in Seminyak or your discoveries in Ubud — Bali, the Island of Gods, is here to feed your soul.

Misty rainforests, pristine lakes and picture-perfect green vistas all around, Wayanad in Kerala is one of the reasons they call the state God’s country. Majority of Wayanad is covered with forests, making it the best places to explore when all you are looking for is peace of mind, a quiet environment and luxurious treehouses.

In Wayanad, you are transported to another world; where time stands still, and you feel life in all its glory.

One such delight is Pepper Trail — an experiential retreat high up in Northern Kerala, set in 200 acres of colonial space adorned with coffee and…

A few words, or many, on how our lovely Blue Planet is doing today.

The environment is the foundation and support of human existence and development. Without soil, we would not have a place to stand, to grow crop, or to build structures to live in. Without the air, we wouldn’t be able to breathe, our plants would not be able to survive. Without the sun, our crop wouldn’t grow. Essentially, the needs are a constant cycle, and our planet delivers every single time.

In an effort to rebuild the resources that are often used up, and sustain life and…

Picture this: cobbled streets, walls with articulate doors, cafes with curb-side seating, crisp air from the beach nearby, old churches in the vicinity, and a 19th century mansion with a white and grey façade — enter and there’s a lush serenity that feels unmatched. Yes, we are talking about Villa Shanti — the quiet escape in Pondicherry’s White Town.

Exuding a colonial-style elegance with antique furniture, four-poster beds, chettinad-influenced tiling, walk-around bathrooms and murals to take you back in time. With just 15 rooms, you know you have your privacy and some crowd when you want it. …

Quit the Stigma. There is always time to learn.

Oh, it is a tireless cycle: poverty, infrastructure, salary cycles, workplace harassment. So many issues to resolve before mankind becomes a better race. Did you think of mental health? Is it important? Is it worth addressing? If not before, open your eyes now. A pandemic hit the world, but its people are suffering much worse. Isolation, quarantine, losing jobs, losing minds — a vicious cycle that has taken over our lives since the past couple of months.

Mental health is important. The disruption of one’s state of mind can cause harm…

Think: boutique estate, surrounded by vineyards, fresh crisp French air, charming hospitality and breathtaking views of the French countryside. Yes, we are talking about an excellent estate is picture-perfect right out of a 007 flick. Ultra-luxury, just a few rooms, stunning location and top-notch culinary experiences, the hotel sits flanked by the awe-inspiring Luberon Mountains.

The driveway offers an unparalleled lining of deep-rooted Cyprus trees, the faint smell of olive oil trees in the distance and lavender bushes all around as you enter the property.

The La Bastide de Marie is a heart-stealer in every aspect. Romantic and intriguing atmosphere…

Faith is subjective — it can be in a person, in an activity, in a rulebook or in a higher power. Everyone says they have faith — even the atheist will. But what do they have faith in?

Faith is simply the confidence or trust in a person or thing; the obligation of loyalty or fidelity; a belief in God or something similar that cannot be proved.

Can we prove that we have had a thought, that it appeared in our mind just as we said it? Can we prove that we wished well for someone — especially when we…

I set a quiet alarm on my phone. Time no longer mattered. I sat still. My mind was clear, and all my focus was on my breathing. I felt each breath fill my lungs and all my weight shift with each breath. I was still with my body for as long I could be. Thoughts were simply wandering puppies in my way. They didn’t know any better, so I gently picked them up and set them aside, over and over. No scolding, no reprimanding. Just putting things back the way they go. It got easier as I practiced.

Theoretically, meditation…


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