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Dr Sian Proctor: Astronaut

Late into yesterday evening and into the early hours of this morning, I stayed up to witness the SpaceX Inspiration4 Launch from Kennedy Space Centre.

Pictured here is the Pilot of the mission: Sian Proctor, Ph.D. in a historic all civilian crewed launch into Space where she and the crew will orbit Earth for 3 days before returning for a splash down landing off the coast of Florida.

I wanted to single out Sian who has been a passionate advocate for the Space sector. She is a testament to consistent hard work and it has been an honour to witness her journey ever since our paths crossed in Washington DC a few years ago. She has become an Astronaut and Pilot of the Dragon Capsule, accessing space in a new future-driven way. A few short years ago the only way to become an Astronaut was by being selected by NASA, ESA, Roscosmos, Canada, JAXA and other such space agencies. She is an inspiration truly, and has made her dream come true. I am thrilled for Sian and her crew mates! I am loving the updates on SpaceX’s social media channels.

This is another step forward for civilians to access space and it truly is a step forward for us all.

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