Anushka Sharma
Jan 11 · 3 min read

It’s official the London Space Network is a go 🚀 We had an epic turn out of ~70 people from all across the Space ecosystem. The energy and good vibes were flowing and we had representation from across the industry.

One of my fave quotes:

“I heard about the event from my colleague in Italy this morning” — Andy.

This to me encapsulates the global and local duality of the Space sector, we truly are one in my view for Naaut.

London Space Network truly is a testament to the diversity of the sector, many of us meet up around the globe at various Space conferences. There was something so special about hosting it in London my hometown alongside Mansoor Shar and Harriet Brettle — we were blown away! Massive thank you to you all for joining us!

It may have all happened in less than a week but it has been brewing for some time and maybe it’s a combination of a lot of things or just biting the bullet and just doing it. We’ve all been working hard over the years and to see this come together in such a short space of time to the outside world may seem like an overnight success. Honestly, this is the beginning of the London Space Network, we don’t know where it will take us but for now the drinks and networking seem to capture the mood for us all.

We really hope you come along to our monthly networking drinks in a local London pub to share and discuss the latest space news/industry trends. Our aim is to build and strengthen the UK space community. So if you work/aspire to work in the space sector or are you looking to meet people from across the space industry we hope you can join us at one of our upcoming Meetups.

Orgasnisers (l-r) Nush, Manny and Harriet

The next networking drinks are taking place on Thursday 21st February. We want to ensure it’s open to our friend’s and network based in Harwell, Didcott, Culham and beyond so we’ve found a venue that makes it as accessible as possible, literally in Paddington Station. So hop of the train and join us. SIGN UP NOW

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Frontier Technology and Innovation for our Multi-Planetary Future

Anushka Sharma

Written by

Founder, Naaut 🚀 [ innovation * frontier technology * execution ]



Frontier Technology and Innovation for our Multi-Planetary Future

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