Space Technology at London Tech Week 2020

Anushka Sharma
Sep 23, 2020 · 2 min read

We were delighted to join this featured session at London Tech Week on the Space Industry — Careers and Entrepreneurships at London Tech Week 2020. Anushka Sharma, Founder of Naaut was invited to moderate the panel of space industry experts. We had an excellent discussion with lots of invaluable advice from a diverse range of perspectives across the space technology ecosystems.

The content is for you especially if you are:

  • Aspiring to work in the space sector
  • Graduating with a technical or non-technial degree
  • Interested in a STEM career
  • A student grappling with joining a startup
  • You are a seasoned professional looking to pivot into the space sector
  • Keen to discover the communities and networks across the space community

Keep scrolling to view the whole discussion where the expert panel share lots of tips and resources.

Details of the event can be found here.



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