The Future of Space: Manned and Robotic at CogX 2019

Naaut is thrilled to be bringing a space track to CogX The Festival for Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technology at London Tech Week 2019.

Founder of Naaut, Anushka Sharma will chair a panel on the Canal Stage on Tuesday 11th June from 15:30–16:30.

The session: The Future of Space: Manned and Robotic will kick off with a keynote by Martin Rees, Astronomer Royal followed by him joining the panel discussion curated and chaired by Naaut’s Founder Nush alongside Jannicke Mikkelsen, Technical Director of The People’s Moon, Rafael Jorda Siquier, Founder of Open Cosmos and James Parr CEO of Trillium Technologies and Open Space Agency (OSA).

Nush recently joined the Jack Morton Worldwide’s podcast, Genuine X, to talk all things Space, setting up The London Space Network and the upcoming CogX Festival.

Listen to the #GenuineX Podcast

CogX — The Festival for AI and Emerging Technology will bring together the brightest minds in the world to provide clarity and tangible insights into the fast-evolving world of emerging technologies. Headline speaker line-up includes international Government Secretaries of State, Ministers and business leaders from HSBC, Accenture, IBM, Alibaba, Google, Unilever, QuantumBlack and more.

CogX will convene 500 speakers, 300 of the most innovative start-ups, and over 15,000 participants from business, investment, government, industry, and academia. The festival is being held in King’s Cross, with events taking place at a range of innovative, specially-designed stage venues around Granary Square and the new Coal Drops Yard.

CogX 2019 Festival is part of London Tech Week.


Frontier Technology and Innovation for our Multi-Planetary Future

Anushka Sharma

Written by

Founder, Naaut 🚀 [ innovation * frontier technology * execution ]



Frontier Technology and Innovation for our Multi-Planetary Future

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