Photo ©Diego Caravana

False friends

Not always!

Before moving in London I thought that false friends were only people who failed our relationship.

When I started to identify English people expressions, while I was talking to them, I realized that there was another kind of false friends in the world. Words that seemed have a meaning in our native language but completely different in English. And I used them! I was so naive!

The first in which I consciously came across is also my favorite. When I was looking for our home, I searched for a house with “veranda” and I discovered that the translation was: “conservatory”. Obviously, my first thought was about the Italian “conservatorio” that in English is “conservatoire”. Whereas I was looking for a place in which I can carry out my favorites activities, such as painting, reading and growning plants, I imagined that the music was the right art who integrate all the others.

The trouble with false friends is the confusion they make in your brain.

When I discovered that The Conservatoire, in Blackheath, near my home, holds music and art courses in a wonderful atelier with large and bright windows, just like a conservatory, where I had a great art experience, I enjoyed the pleasure of playing freely with the words.

So, before to call someone or something false friend, think about the context, because a conservatory can be also a conservatoire, remaining your honest friend!