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Muslims can wish their Jewish friends Shanah Tova… By Destroying Nazism

A common enemy is an opportunity for Jewish and Muslim minorities in the West

Prediction Sep 20, 2017 (Rosh Hashanah Eve): Western Muslims who disagree vehemently with their Jewish friends about overseas Israeli- Palestinian issues are going to unite with them to fight Neo-Nazis on domestic streets.

Let’s in faith be the cousins we were supposed to be. Abraham’s children. Of Ishmael/Isaac and Isaac/Ishaq and put aside who actually got sacrificed but let’s US ALL SACRIFICE. So our kids can be friends, and don’t have to grow up in a world where there is a hashtag #Gasthesynagogue or be under constant threat just for being Muslim 16 years after 9/11…



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Nadir Shirazi

Lover of anime, and follower of Islam. Not sure which identity gets me stereotyped more:) Creator of MultiFacet Islamime (Islam + Anime) Project.