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Prepare for the “invasion” of Muslim creatives…

Riz Ahmed’s Emmy win is a history making moment, but what comes next from Muslims Artists reshapes culture. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Prediction Sep 18, 2017: A generation of Millennial Muslim Makers are about to infuse their Post 9/11 secular and religious sensibilities on a world that doesn’t know they exist… yet.

Many of us have Eastern Names with Western Accents, We are the next Rumi’s, the Next Jasmine’s, and we are building the next Alhambra's.. But we are creating it in a city near you. Sharing it on this thing called the internet.



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Nadir Shirazi

Lover of anime, and follower of Islam. Not sure which identity gets me stereotyped more:) Creator of MultiFacet Islamime (Islam + Anime) Project.