The biggest myth about revision

With things going on almost every afternoon and homework piling, should we lose sleep to revise?

It’s good that many of you are trying to get ready for mid-year exams by starting your revision early. However, with E-AEP starting, many of you begin to subscribe to a myth about revision — to revise, I must sacrifice my health.

“Huh? Mr Luo nagging at us about our health?”

I know the irony is strong. But I’m telling you, don’t make this mistake your seniors have made.

Doesn’t make sense to you? Let me tell you a story:

An young man got a job as a lumberjack. As he is paid by the number of trees he cut, he worked really hard.
On the first day, he managed to cut down 10 trees. His boss was happy.
On the 2nd day, he put in as much effort as before, but only managed to cut down 7 trees.
On the 3rd day, he wanted to make up for cutting less tree the day before. So he put in a lot more effort, but only managed to cut down 5 trees.
By the 5th day, he only managed to cut down 3 trees a day, despite putting in more effort and more hours.
His boss is concerned. Why is this new guy cutting down lesser and lesser trees? So on the 6th day, he went to visit the young man. The young man was working really hard. But something seems wrong
“Show me your axe”, the boss asked. True enough, as he suspected, the axe was blunt.
“When was the last time you’ve sharpened your axe?” the boss asked.
“Sharpen my axe? I don’t have time for that!”

I know. You’ll laugh at the young man. Because if he took a few hours to sharpen his axe, he would have cut down more trees with lesser effort.

But many of you think like the young man. “I have more revision to cover? Let me spend more hours revising as I have less time to maintain my health.” How is the myth different from the young man who felt that he didn’t have the time to maintain his axe?

To do well in exam, you not only need to know your stuff, you will need be in good health to think well and do well.

So maintain your health. No compromise - have 7–8 hours a sleep a day. That will help you make your day more effective, so that you’ll cover more in lesser time.

Still worried that you can’t finish your revision? I’ll give you more tips in the next post so that you’ll know how to be more efficient. :)

But get your health right first, kiddos!

With love, your “father”. 😁

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