Partners Program | Refer to Earn.

We are giving you N10,000 when you refer 30 people. Plus you get to be our Ambassador/Partner.

Hello Partner,

Earn Partner Status

We thank you for coming on board with us. And helping us earn your Trust. Now, we would love you to share your Financial journey with family and friends.

We introduce our Partners’ Program.

We are rolling out our Partners Program in three easy steps.

  1. Refer a min. of 30 people
  2. Each referral starts with N3050
  3. You earn $30.

Of course, we would love to have you spread the word, read Terms & Conditions below.

Become a Partner in 3 simple steps.

Terms & Conditions of the Partner Program .

What’s the Partners Program /referral about
The Partners Program is a way to tell Friends, Family and Allies to get on the financial ark. The joy of Saving-Investing-Compounding, is doing it with loved ones.

How do I signup?
1. On your dashboard, click on the Referral button at the right hand of the dashboard. Click to get your referral code/link. 
You must have made a first deposit to access your referral code.

2. With your referral code, you can invite friends over in one of two ways

  • Ask them to sign up by sending them the link on social media, email or via sms.
  • Give them your 4 digit unique referral code, asking them to insert when signing up on the site

3. Every-time a new client signs up with your unique code, you get a “Congratulations” email.

4. On your referral dashboard, you would see names added to your list of referrals. When they make a cumulative deposit of N 3050 or more, a verified tick mark, is visible near their name.

5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 until you get 30 verified marks.

6. When you get to 30 complete referrals, we send you a a thank you email indicating that you have qualified for the Partners program and would earn N10,000.

Are there restrictions on the number of signups I can get? 
No boss, No. The more, the merrier.

What do I get when I sign 30 people?

You automatically get the partner badge on your dashboard.

What’s the Benefit of Partnership?

You get to have our branded products and get your say on new product development.

What is the maximum I can earn? 
You can earn for up to 100 clients. You earn $100–30500 — for signing up 100 or more clients.

A Friend signed up but forget to use my referral link, how do I add them? 
Just ask them to send a mail to indicating your referral code. We would add them to your list.

How long is the Refer & Earn program?
For these phase, it ends by Dec. 31st, 2018.

When do I get credited my Earnings? 
Earnings would accrue over a 3 month period and would receive full value at the end of Q1, 2019.

Errmm, but I have other questions?
You can chat us up on social media @InvestNaira or just send a mail to