Bright Beginnings

Nairian opens its doors to you Yerevan

Hi There, & Welcome to Nairian! You have no idea how excited we are to have you here. This is our first blog post, but it comes to you as a result of years of research, planning, hoping, and creating. Yes, Nairian itself is already in its fourth year of existence, but our official and public launch will take place this week, on the 23rd, with no small amount of glitz and glam.

In case you were wondering, Nairian is a premium and all-natural cosmetics brand that makes its products entirely in Armenia, specifically among the country’s beautiful and verdant highlands. Our ingredients are organically grown, and our products are always free of harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrances or dyes.

The idea for Nairian came about during a family road trip while our founders, Anahit and Ara Markosian, a physicist and mathematician respectively, were driving through the mountains of their former home. It was the incredible potential of Armenia’s flora that first caught their eye, and inspired them to take action.

After some deliberation, the couple decided to leave their Silicon Valley jobs for a totally new sphere, all-natural cosmetics. They moved across the world, got together a team of scientists and set to work creating Nairian’s lab, farm and beautiful showroom in downtown Yerevan. The going was rough at first, but today we stand proud as a brand and company, and ensure an extremely high standard when it comes to our products.

Nairian was founded on the firm belief that one should never have to sacrifice health for beauty. This conviction is at the core of everything we do, and it drives us every day as we work to bring you premium, natural cosmetics. That said, beyond our products, our team hopes to take part in the development on an emerging industry and trend.

Our hope is that, through our work, we will be able to not only give people a means to feel beautiful both inside and out, but to also act as a source of information and knowledge when it comes to all-natural cosmetics, essentials oils and aromatherapy. In many ways, this blog will our biggest platform for sharing the things we learn through our research, and promoting a lifestyle that places equal importance on both health and beauty.

So thanks again for visiting us. We hope you’ll stay tuned and keep up with Nairian!

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