How to connect NAIZ with Dialogflow

Using the fulfillment webhook

Jul 18, 2018 · 3 min read

If you have an agent created in Dialogflow, follow these steps to connect it with NAIZ ( After that, your agent will understand smalltalk and will answer based on its emotions and the personality you customized at the platform.

Interested? Lets start!👇

1️⃣ First step

Add a ‘Fulfillment Webhook’

Fulfillment section on Dialogflow

Go to the section ‘Fulfillment’ on the main menu. In the section ‘Webhook’, click on the switch at the right side of the title and set Enabled with blue color.

Set URL value with:

Add an item at ‘HEADERS’: Enter key ‘chatbotID’, and value your chatbotID, an alphanumeric string. If you follow these instructions in our app (, in Connections / Dialogflow (First step), your chatbotID is shown.

Select on ‘DOMAINS’ the option ‘Enable webhook for all domains’. Click the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of this section of Dialogflow.

2️⃣ Second step

Create a ‘Default intent’

Now, go to the section ‘Intents’ on the main menu. Click the button (), the menu on the right side of the button ‘Create intent’.

Select ‘Create Fallback Intent’.

Create a new intent called ‘Default’. It’s important you make sure that is a Fallback intent (see the box below the intent name).

Scroll down to the‘Fulfillment’ subsection at the bottom, and click on the ‘Enable webhook call for this intent’ switch button (enabled must be blue!). Click the button ‘SAVE’ at the top.

You “Default” intent must appear as follows at your intent list (section Intents).

3️⃣ Third step


NAIZ is compatible with any Dialogflow agent created at versions v1 and v2, with the following integrations:

  • Google Assistant
  • Slack
  • Telegram
Integrations at Dialogflow. NAIZ is compatible with the ones enabled.

If you are interested in using NAIZ with other integrations, please let us know at

Need help? 😖

For troubleshooting, contact us at

Curious about how to create a chatbot personality with NAIZ? Read this! 👇

🤖Emotional intelligence and personality for #chatbots 📌…

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