Review of Ritika Gupta’s “This Punch is as Good as Five”

Thoroughness and comprehension: ✔️

Stretching of creative muscles: ✔️

Using the right tools for the job: ✔️

ritika.gupt96, this writing is a little light and lacks a bit of criticality. Is there an option to have a catchy sub-headline to hook people into this story? Is there a video link of the monologue to embed?

“The best part of the movie is undoubtedly the monologue by Anshul (Kartik Aaryan). It sums up the mentality and habits of women in seven minutes.”

Why did you enjoy this monologue? What were the good points? How does it improve the movie?

“Three of the four songs in the soundtrack are jarring. Only Heeriye is listenable.”

Why are they jarring?

With this playful style of writing, the devil is in the details. Find ways to really dig into your annoyances with the film and pick it apart! Really go into the details of why this movie disappointed you while having some fun with it.